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Kindergarten Starts Monday!. Welcome! Mrs. Fleckenstein – Room 1 Mrs. Wilson – Room 2.

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1 Kindergarten Starts Monday!

2 Welcome! Mrs. Fleckenstein – Room 1 Mrs. Wilson – Room 2

3 Schedule - AM 8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Meet at Opening Ceremony Room 1 lines up behind number 1 Room 2 lines up behind number 2 Dismissal at side gate by cafeteria (cannot wait on campus)

4 Lunch Students who wish to eat lunch at school need to pay in the cafeteria. Free and reduced lunch application is online. Lunch boxes from home should be healthy foods. (*if just a bag of chips we will send through the hot lunch line)

5 Homework Homework will start on September 8 th. Homework will be given out on Mondays. Homework is due everyday signed by parents. Homework will include online (Journey’s, IXL, and Reading Eggs), sight words, reading books, writing prompts, and flashcards.

6 Building Independence Clothing – using belt and pant buckles, putting on coats, using zippers and buttons, tying shoes Food – opening food packages, using silverware to eat Bathroom – asking to use the bathroom, flushing on own, remembering to wash hands

7 Kindergarten Routines Please check your child’s backpack every night for notes and papers. Please empty the backpack every night and return only signed notes. Library books are due every Tuesday.

8 Kindergarten Expectations 100 sight words (testing on Fridays) Rocket Math addition Accelerated Reader/STAR Essential Skills Kindergarten Content Standards Mastery

9 Parent Information Kindergarten web page on Bracken website. Will have the monthly kindergarten calendar and parent resources. Progress reports (Essential Skills) will go home 1X a month. Please sign and return. Parent meetings each month. Parent and child activities each month. No siblings allowed. Parent Volunteers to clean Kindergarten’s garden area weekly. Parent Volunteers to cut and make student activities for learning stations. If your child is sick please call the office to let them know. Please write a note to give to the office upon your child’s return to school. If your child is late to school please take them to the office for a tardy slip before coming to the classroom.

10 Parent Information Continued… Scholastic Book orders due on the 20 th of each month. If you place an online order you must let us know otherwise you will not receive your books. Every child needs a backpack and headphones. No toys are allowed to be brought from home unless requested by teacher. Clothing requirements: No sandals/flip-flops, spaghetti straps/muscle shirts (shirts 3 fingers in width), shirts with no bellies showing, and shorts/skirts have to be finger tip length.

11 Field Trips Tentative Gilcrease Orchard October 28 th. Cost is $5.00. Two parent volunteers needed. Fire Department Lied Discovery Museum. Cost is $6.00. Natural History Museum. Siblings are not allowed on field trips.

12 First Day Jitters Please talk positively about school with your child. Reassure your child that someone will be there to pick him/her up after school. Don’t worry! We are here to help your child. Parents should not walk their child to the classroom from their dot. It makes goodbyes harder.

13 Questions? What questions or concerns do you have?

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