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Modern Information Technologies in Małopolska

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1 Modern Information Technologies in Małopolska
Krzysztof Zieliński Faculty EAIiE Department of Computer Science Bussel 15th September 2009

2 Małopolska – Center of IT Academic Potential
Agenda Małopolska – Center of IT Academic Potential IT related projects in Małopolska Małopolska Foresight 2020 Digital Cinema technological context Successful IT Companies in Małopolska

3 Małopolska Region - Center of IT
25 % IT industry in Poland is located in Małopolska Kraków becomes a magnet for talent outside the immediate area and truly is going to earn the title ‘the Silicon Valley of Poland’ SSC/BPO 2009 was a good year for Kraków. The city moved to number 4 in the table for Global outsourcing and offshoring; 10 places ahead of Prague and 24 places ahead of Warsaw.

4 Academic Potential of Małopolska
JU 1364 Jagiellonian University (JU) students AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH) students Cracow University of Technology 15694 students TOTAL number of students in Kraków: > AGH 1919 AGH 2012 No. of IT students >10 000

5 Małopolska Information Technologies Cluster
Academia: AGH-UST UJ PK Mission: Support of IT development by cooperation between: academia, industry, and local goverment IT Cluster Marshall Office Industry: Comarch Ericpol Sabre ….

6 Małopolska IT Park Quality International 2010: Golden Emblem for Kraków Technology Park 16/06/2010 The Quality International 2010 competition declared its final verdict. Kraków Technology Park was awarded the Golden Emblem of the Quality International 2010 in the category QI Services: services of the highest standard. The main objective of the project is: to establish a centre supporting the establishment and development of ICT businesses participating actively in the development of knowledge-based economy in Poland by institutional and infrastructural reinforcement of Kraków Technology Park. The plans include the construction of an A-class building of 12,000 m2 in 2011

7 ETI – KIC InnoEnergy KIC InnoEnergy is committed to change the European energy system through innovation 13 companies, 10 research institutes, 13 universities Leading by AGH – UST in Kraków Małopolska CC Poland Plus Clean Coal Technologies Gasification of coal with CO2 internal reduction

8 European Academy of Games
                                                                       European Academy of Games AGH University of Science & Technology Department of computer Science Faculty of Acustics Jagiellonian University Faculty of Thisics Astronomy & Applied Comp. Sc. Faculty of Scocial Communication IT Companies: CD Projekt Reality Pump Nibris Techland Blooberteam Mission: Offering higher education in area of games design and production Speed up of games industry development in Małopolska

9 IT-SOA New IT for e-economy and information society based
on SOA paradigm AGH University of Science and Technology - coordinator Poznan University of Economics Poznan University of Technology Institute of Computer Science Polish Academy of Sciences Wrocław University of Technology

10 HPC/PL-Grid Projects in ACC AGH-UST
CPU 215 TFLOPS Disc Storage 2500 TB Compliant with EGEE/EGI HP Cluster Platform 3000 BL2x220 55 Tflops/ 161 on TOP 500 list

11 Małopolska Foresight 2020 Selected Technology 1
Hands-Free Computer Interface 2 Clean Energetical Technology 3 Medications topically destroying tumours & pathogens 4 Smart Systems 5 Pervasive access to information 6 Monitoring and Control for Disease Management 7 Advanced methods of diagnosing and surgery 8 Nanostructured materials with enhanced properties 9 Personalized medicine and therapies 10 Improved Treatments from Data Analysis

12 Digital Cinema Technological Context
Settings standard: European Digital Cinema Forum (EDCF) EDCF is the pre-eminent forum for sharing of ideas, information, questions and news about the business of D-cinema in Europe Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) - US CST – France Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers US (1916) SMPTE members are spread throughout 64 countries worldwide

13 Digital Cinema Technological Context
Four Parameters of the Image: luminosity, colorimetric space, resolution and contrast minimum resolution of 2048 pixels per line (or 2K) x 1080 frame rate of 24 or 48 frames per second and colorimetric depth of 12 bits. 90 min = 60GB of storage space JPEG 2000 real-time compression at a rate of around 250Mbps Projectors: Barco Christie Cinemeccanica Digital Projection JVC NEC Sony Servers: Avica Doremi Kodak Quvis XDC Compression: JPEG 2000 Digital sound systems: Dolby DTS Encrypting and Security copying virtually impossible and hampers illegal filming with camcorders inside the cinemas

14 Networking Polish Optical Internet PIONIER 10Gbps 40Gbps 160Gbps
Małopolska Broadband Network Broadband Internet 40Gbps – Backbone 10Gbps – Distribution 1 Gbps - Access 6Mbs/1Mbs – Home (wireless) PPP Kraków Academic Metropolitan Network 10Gbps

15 Storage Systems in ACC AGH-UST
Production Production Storage Space Development Storage Network Digital Theatre Digital Theatre D-Cinema WF

16 Successful IT Companies in Małopolska

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