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Comparative and Superlative

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1 Comparative and Superlative

2 Definitions Adjective: a word that describes a noun or pronoun; answers “what kind”, “how many”, “which one”, “how much” Adverb: a word that describes a verb, adjective, or another adverb; answers “where”, “when”, “how”, “to what extent” Positive form: the “base” word of an adjective and adverb; will have no ending. Comparative form: comparing two things Superlative form: comparing three or more things

3 Rule #1- One Syllable words
**For words that end in one syllable, add –er to form the comparative and –est to form the superlative. Words that end in –y usually drop the –y and add –i + the endings. Examples: tall taller tallest close closer closest early earlier earliest

4 Rule #2- Two Syllable words
**For words that end in two syllables, some words will use –er & -est while others need more (comparative) and most (superlative) in front of the word. Words that end in –ly will take more or most, but most two syllable words you can take the one that makes more sense. Examples: easy easier easiest cheerful more cheerful most cheerful brightly more brightly most brightly

5 Rule #3- Three Syllable words
**For words that end in three syllables, add more to the comparative and most to the superlative. Examples: powerful more powerful most powerful

6 Rule #4: Irregular words
Some words will change completely; those words are called irregular. Those words will not use –er, -est, more, or most. They are formed as follows: good, better, best many, more, most far, farther, farthest (distance) far, further, furthest (in addition) little, less, least well, better, best bad, worse, worst

7 REMEMBER!!! **You can NEVER use both endings, such as more AND –er or most AND –est. It will always be one or the other. For example, you wouldn’t say “The dress is more prettier than that one.” You would just use the comparative “prettier”.

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