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Laboratorioarte eingleseLaboratorioarte einglese Musumeci Emily 3A.

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1 Laboratorioarte eingleseLaboratorioarte einglese Musumeci Emily 3A

2 Shes got her ticket

3 I think she gonna use it I think she going to fly away No one should try and stop her Persuade her whit their power She says that her mind is made Up

4 Why not leave why not Go away Too much hatred Corruption and greed Give your life And invariably they leave you with Nothing Young girl aint got no chances No roots to keep her strong

5 Shes shed all pretenses That someday shell belong Some folks call her a runaway A failure in the race But she knows where her ticket takes her She will find her place in the sun An shell fly,fly,fly…

6 Rigths in the constitutions Musumeci Emily 3A


8 Fu rappresentato perché lottò per l indipendenza degli Stati Uniti. George Washinton Fu il simbolo della rappresinività del governo. Tomas Jefferson Abramo Linkon Unì gli stati e ottenne l uguaglianza. Theadore Rosevelt Aveva un ruolo internazionale nel 20 secolo.

9 I have a dreamI have a dreamI have a dreamI have a dream

10 Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta in 1929.He was the son of a Baptist pastor. In 1954 King became the pastor of a black baptist church in Alabama. After the war in the America the slaves, in teory, they were free and equal to the white people. But many whites were hostile to them and racial discrimination against black people was Very common in the southern states. They were not allowed to enter many bilding. There were separate seats for whites and blacks on bus and trains. The blacks people dont vote in elections.

11 In 1955 he helped to organize a protest against segregration on buses in Montgomery. This was the beginning of a great non- violent protest movement, called the Civil Rights movement.Black people marched in demonstrations in many different cities. Many of the leaders were put in prison.On 28th August 1963 marched to Washington. The protest were succesful. In 1964 Martin Luther King received the Nobel peace prize. In 1968 he was assasinated.

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