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SPGrid Activities in Italy Daniele Andreotti - Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi BaBarGrid Workshop Padova, 17-18 Nov 2003.

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1 SPGrid Activities in Italy Daniele Andreotti - Enrica Antonioli - Paolo Veronesi BaBarGrid Workshop Padova, 17-18 Nov 2003

2 SPGrid Activities in Italy2 Padova, 17/11/2003 Ferrara Resources Ferrara is involved in INFN-GRID ( project. The aim of INFN-GRID is the realization of a production grid. The site configuration is almost the same as EDG. INFN-GRID 1.0.0 (based on LCG 1.0.1, Red Hat 7.3) installed in: 1 Computing Element 1 Storage Element 1 User Interface 6 Worker Nodes Also installed a federation of Objy DB and a lockserver on separate SUN machines. Upgrading to INFN-GRID 1.1.1 in the next 3 days.

3 SPGrid Activities in Italy3 Padova, 17/11/2003 Software Installation The official release of INFN-GRID comes with Moose rpm, including also the configuration files for the BaBar VO. Using BaBar release 12.4.0 + tags for ROOT output (building a rpm for release 14.1.1a). So, each italian site of the INFN-GRID project has Moose installed by default. The INFN-GRID Resource Broker is located at CNAF, at the moment it sees only italian resources. We would like to set up a Resource Broker for BaBar in Ferrara, in order to registrate not only italian resources.

4 SPGrid Activities in Italy4 Padova, 17/11/2003 Tests Tests performed on EDG 1.4.x Tests performed on EDG 2.0.x First tests performed on italian sites on INFN-GRID 1.0.0 Tests will be performed on INFN-GRID 1.1.1 in the next days.

5 SPGrid Activities in Italy5 Padova, 17/11/2003 First results Some hundreds of jobs submitted to all italian sites (Ferrara, Napoli, Bologna, Legnaro, Bari, Padova, Trieste, Milano) in different times of the day for ~1 week. Jobs submitted to Ferrara had ~95% of success. Jobs submitted to other italian resources had ~60% of success. Main failure causes have been Problems of the Resource Broker (due to Globus services: ~7%) Problems in remote access to our Objy DB (due to simultaneous accesses and network overload: ~33%)

6 SPGrid Activities in Italy6 Padova, 17/11/2003 Network load during the tests INFN - Ferrara Max In/s: 9063.4 kb/s (75.5%) Average In/s: 1661.1 kb/s (13.8%) Current In/s: 551.4 kb/s (4.6%) Max Out/s: 8531.6 kb/s (71.1%) Average Out/s: 919.4 kb/s (7.7%) Current Out/s: 2142.2 kb/s (17.9%)

7 SPGrid Activities in Italy7 Padova, 17/11/2003 Genius Web Portal Ferrara is testing Genius in the BaBar context Almost done for EDG 1.4.0 Working on INFN-GRID (LCG-1) with Roberto Barbera and Alberto Falzone to define Job Submission Services Interfaces to the BaBar environment

8 SPGrid Activities in Italy8 Padova, 17/11/2003 Genius Interface for BaBar

9 SPGrid Activities in Italy9 Padova, 17/11/2003 AFS Authentication

10 SPGrid Activities in Italy10 Padova, 17/11/2003 AFS Authentication

11 SPGrid Activities in Italy11 Padova, 17/11/2003 Creating the job

12 SPGrid Activities in Italy12 Padova, 17/11/2003 Choose the decay file

13 SPGrid Activities in Italy13 Padova, 17/11/2003 Monitor the job group

14 SPGrid Activities in Italy14 Padova, 17/11/2003 Status of the job queues

15 SPGrid Activities in Italy15 Padova, 17/11/2003 Status of the job queues

16 SPGrid Activities in Italy16 Padova, 17/11/2003 Select a job group…

17 SPGrid Activities in Italy17 Padova, 17/11/2003 …and get the output

18 SPGrid Activities in Italy18 Padova, 17/11/2003 Jobs ready to be retrieved

19 SPGrid Activities in Italy19 Padova, 17/11/2003 Login to the User Interface

20 SPGrid Activities in Italy20 Padova, 17/11/2003 Contents of a run directory

21 SPGrid Activities in Italy21 Padova, 17/11/2003 Moose.out

22 SPGrid Activities in Italy22 Padova, 17/11/2003 Moose.err

23 SPGrid Activities in Italy23 Padova, 17/11/2003 The jdl file

24 SPGrid Activities in Italy24 Padova, 17/11/2003 BOBObar_generic.dec

25 SPGrid Activities in Italy25 Padova, 17/11/2003 Moose.csh

26 SPGrid Activities in Italy26 Padova, 17/11/2003 MooseProductionOptions.tcl

27 SPGrid Activities in Italy27 Padova, 17/11/2003 AFS Unlog

28 SPGrid Activities in Italy28 Padova, 17/11/2003 Logout from Genius

29 SPGrid Activities in Italy29 Padova, 17/11/2003 Links INFNGRID: Genius: Moose rpm download: EGEE: ei/2003/index.html ei/2003/index.html LCG: deployment/cgi-bin/index.cgi?var=homepage deployment/cgi-bin/index.cgi?var=homepage

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