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ETransformation: The Transformational Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Africa 10 January 2013 www.eTransform

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1 eTransformation: The Transformational Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Africa 10 January 2013 www.eTransform

2 ICT Opportunity 6 billion+ mobile users worldwide 5 billion users in emerging and developing countries Two-thirds of adults in sub-Sahara Africa have a mobile phone

3 www.eTransform 3 Joint study by African Development Bank and World Bank in collaboration with Africa Union Made possible by the Korean Trust Fund on ICT4D The Report

4 www.eTransform 4 Take stock of emerging uses and applications of ICTs that are having transformative effects of social and economic development – Share Experiences Identify key ICT applications (Africa and worldwide) that have the potential for replications and scaling up – Brainstorm what works Identify constraints that negatively impact ICT adoption and scaling up, including in policy and regulatory environment – Identify and overcome obstacles Develop a common framework among stakeholders, development partners and the donor community for future ICT interventions -- Collaborate Objectives www.eTransform

5 SectorFocus Areas AgricultureTraceability technologies (RFID) in cattle Water management for irrigation Climate Change Adaptation Climate change adaptation, exploration of applications, tools and systems for adaptive action EducationOpen schools through mobile technologies, education networking, monitoring student and teacher attendance Financial Services Mobile banking, cloud computing, HealthMobile health, tracking patients, monitoring health clinics Local ICT Sector Business Process Outsourcing, mobile and online payment platforms, e- commerce Modernizing Government Citizen/community interface, eFiling for tax collection, link online payment system to IFMIS Trade and Regional Integration Linking regional trade entities (eg COMESA, ECOWAS, SADC), logistics, transparent flow of goods, customs standardization Sectors and Case Studies

6 Both World Bank and AfDB have recently developed new Strategies based around Transformation Three Pillars of WBG ICT Strategy Innovate – Support ICT innovation for jobs and competitiveness – Promote ICT skills to develop competitive IT- based service industries in selected countries – Promote ICT-enabled productivity gains across industries Connect – Scale up affordable access to broadband internet – Support policy and institutional reforms for private investment in broadband – Selective support of PPPs in frontier markets to promote affordable access for all Transform – Use ICT to transform service delivery across sectors – Promote open and accountable development using open government, open data, and aid accountability – Transform service delivery using ICT applications in economic and social sectors, and establishing cross-sector foundations Supporting regional integration Supporting the Private Sector Improving Governance and Accountability

7 www.eTransform 7 The mobile phone has revolutionized communications in Africa  The African mobile market is now larger than either EU or USA Mobile decade Mobile subscriptions (millions) Annual % change in GDP, SSA Africa’s “mobile decade” has driven it’s economic growth  2000: 16m subs  2011: 649m subs Source: ITU.Source: World Bank.

8 www.eTransform 8 Empowerment ICTs are empowering the lives of Africans and are driving entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth Its not about the phone or the computer. Its about the applications and the information they deliver

9 www.eTransform 9 ICTs can ease cross-border communications, financial transactions and sharing of data and information and have a catalytic impact upon regional integration and trade facilitation The deployment of ICTs and the development of applications must be rooted in the realities of local circumstance and diversity ICT 4 D Source: Pyramid Research.

10 www.eTransform Governments have an important role to play in creating an enabling environment and in acting as a lead client for large-scale ICT-based programs Effective use of ICTs requires cross-sectoral collaboration and an multi-stakeholder approach, based on open data and open innovation The report profiles the South African Revenue Service (SARS) eFiling tax system as an example of government leadership in ICT applications Africa is right at the start of its growth curve ICT Programs

11 www.eTransform 11 The World Bank and the AfDB already have considerable ICT invest- ments in Africa But, projects are generally piecemeal, rarely transformational, and are only a drop in the ocean compared with what could be achieved This project creates a platform for change ICT Investment

12 www.eTransform SSA Portfolio Climate Change Trade Governance Energy Agriculture Health Finance Transport ICT Sector Strategy, 2012-15: Connect: US$575m in 11 ongoing projects in RCIP, WARCIP and CAB, and 15 N-LTA programs Innovate: 2 N-LTA Programs Transform: US$100m in eGovernment programs in 2 projects, plus 16 N-LTA eTransform programs include eAgriculture in Cote d’Ivoire, eProcurement in Rwanda, Open Gov in Burkina Faso and Nigeria, and community programs in Sierra Leone, Senegal and Tanzania

13 www.eTransform 13 Both the World Bank Group and the African Development Bank stand ready to assist our Member Countries in the Transformational Use of ICTs across African Society and Economy

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