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WALT DISNEY By: Caliah Jarrett.

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1 WALT DISNEY By: Caliah Jarrett

2 Walt Disney Born: December 5, 1901 Died: December 15, 1966

3 He had 4 other siblings and loved his childhood very much.
YOUNG WALT -Walt Disney grew up on a farm in a small town called Marceline, Missouri. He had 4 other siblings and loved his childhood very much. After a few years, Walt's parents sold the farm and they moved to Kansas City, Missouri where Walt started his first job as a paper boy.

4 IN THE BEGINNING -He was known for being a class clown in school, but one thing teachers noticed was that he loved to draw. He got into trouble often drawing pictures on the side of his parents farm house. Soon after, people began to talk about his drawings. He earned free haircuts at the local barbershop because of his art. He began making short films in Chicago and eventually came up with an idea to create something that no one had ever heard of……


6 -He created a lot of cartoons with his leading star Mickey, but eventually saw that Mickey also needed friends. -He then created characters like Donald Duck, and Minnie Mouse to keep him company. -Walt Disney continued to create cartoons and short films. People loved Mickey mouse so much that there were little Mickey Mouse Clubs popping up all over the world.

7 WALT’S BIG BREAK -Walt Disney was always looking for new ideas, and he had always created short films or short cartoons. -One day he came up with the idea to make a full length animated movie. Up until that point all cartoons were short and only lasted 3-5 minutes. -Walt's hardest part would be to create a film that would capture the audiences attention for longer than that. -And he did just that, creating a masterpiece. SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. WALT DISNEY WON HIS FIRST ACADEMY AWARD AFTER THIS FILM

-Snow White made so much money that Walt and his brother Roy were able to buy 51 acres of land in California. This was to build a bigger company. -Over the years, animated cartoons were not making as much as his big hit Snow White, So Walt took a little break to get his mind off things and to spend more time with his grand kids. Walt came up with an Idea to create a place that would have everything. Fun, Fantasy, Food, and Rides. A place where people could leave their worries behind. So he created ….. DISNEY WORLD

9 -EPCOT CENTER was his last big idea, unfortunately he did not live to see the opening of it in 1971.
-EPCOT –Experiment Prototype Community of Tomorrow was designed to be a model town for people to experience different cultures and customs of countries around the world.

10 Walt Disney has been gone for a long time, however his legacy is still entertaining people through Disney books, records, movies, toys, and his parks are all over the world, where millions of families come together with one idea-----TO HAVE FUN!!!! THANK YOU WALT DISNEY


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