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Careers In Animal Shelters

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1 Careers In Animal Shelters
Dr. Angela Hines, DVM B.S. Biology, Truman State University Kirksville, Missouri Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine-University of Missouri Columbia

2 How Does One Decide to Choose a Career at a Animal Shelter?
Started my career in private practice to corporate practice. Career change working for a humane society. Transition phase working at a animal control facility.

3 Detroit Animal Control
The Detroit Animal Control Center was built in 1925.

4 Detroit Animal Control
Located in southwest Detroit at 3511 W. Jefferson. Just past the Ambassador Bridge to Canada. Cross streets are W. Fort Street and 24th street.

5 Detroit Animal Control Center provides the following services:
Captures and cares for the City’s stray and unwanted animals Enforces animal related ordinances Identifies and licenses as many dogs as possible Provides adoption of spayed and neutered animals to suitable homes Provides vaccinations of animals to the public Educates the public regarding responsible pet ownership

6 Staff (33 positions) 1 Administrator 4 Supervisors
1 Dog Pound Assistant 3 Investigators 17 Animal Control Officers 1 Veterinarian 1 Veterinary Technician 1 Senior Typist 3 Typists 1 Building Attendant

7 Administrator Job Functions
Prepare and monitor budget Develop and implement policies and procedures Monitor and develop ordinance amendments Manage the operation of animal care, pet licensing, enforcement, and veterinary clinic Develop new programs/submit proposals

8 Administrator Job Functions (con’t)
Prepare monthly reports Respond to citizen complaints-verbal & written Supervise and assist direct reports Design and revise Animal Control computerized reports and website Recruit, interview, and hire of new employees Meetings with Neighborhood City Halls, Police department, Mayor’s Office, and Post Office

9 Veterinarian- Job Functions
Performs vaccinations of animals Examines and evaluates condition of animals prior to adoption Conducts rabies observation for animals in quarantine Plans, schedules, and review activities of veterinary technician Assists in performing lab tests and treatment of animals Performs surgical services Visual exam of all animals for disease or illness

10 Ordinances Enforced (Common)
Leash law Dog License Dogs that have bitten a person must be quarantined for rabies observation Unlawful to harbor a vicious dog Unlawful to keep wild or farm animals Unlawful for loud or habitual barking

11 Main Lobby


13 Veterinary Clinic “Bo Bo”-The Ho Bo!.

14 Adoptions

15 Kennels-Strays and Quarantine

16 Cat Room

Dog was confiscated for mauling and biting a child in the face. It is held in quarantine a minimum of 10 days for rabies observation.

18 quarantine

19 Dog Fighting Work with Detroit Police dog fighting task force
Refer suspected fighting to Detroit Police and the Michigan Humane Society

20 Fight Victim



23 Detroit Animal Control
This pair of sheep were captured walking down the street in southwest Detroit.

24 A farm animal that was confiscated from citizens front porch.

25 More Farm Animals


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