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The African Rainforests

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1 The African Rainforests

2 What is Causing the Rainforests to Disappear? What percentage is gone?
Deforestation, road construction, and slash-and-burn farming are just a few of the things that are causing our rainforests to disappear. 90% is already gone.

3 What is the Name of the Tribe That Lives in the Rainforest
What is the Name of the Tribe That Lives in the Rainforest? Describe Some of their Customs. The tribe that lives in the Rainforest is the Pygmys. One of their customs is being eco friendly.

4 Meat is Easier to Come By in the U. S. A, Than in the Rain forest
Meat is Easier to Come By in the U.S.A, Than in the Rain forest. List All of the Animals They eat. The rainforest people eat chimpanzees, gorillas, baka snares, cane rats, forest buffalo and rainforest fish.

5 List and Describe 4 Different Animals
African Forest Elephant- It weighs between 7,000 and 9,000 lbs. Their large tracks are used as paths and roads for humans. Lastly, they have very small ears for a elephant. Gorilla- They can grow as tall as 5’9 and 600 lbs. They are mostly vegitaritans, but in some cases, they have to eat meat to survive. Lastly, there are only about 400 gorillas left in the wild. Pygmy Hippo- The Pygmy Hippo is about 4 feet long, and roughly 418 lbs. It is the smallest hippo known so far. Lastly, it perfers to spend time in small groups or by itself. African Grey Parrot- It is the most talkative parrot. Also, they can identify color, shape and size of objects. Lastly, trade in African Greys have been illegal since 1981

6 There is One Plant used ALL Around the World. What is it? Describe
Mahogany. It is used for chairs, tables, and chests.

7 What is the Climate Like in the Rainforest. Average Tempurature
What is the Climate Like in the Rainforest? Average Tempurature? Average Climate? The average rainfall is about inches a year. The average tempurature is about 80 degrees, and the climate is hot and dry.

8 List the Countries That Have Rainforests in Them.
Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo Brazzaville, Equilateral Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Congo Kinshasa, Rwanda, Sierra Leone.

9 What is the Main Reason Rainforests are Being Cut Down?
The main reason is that people are needing more things, some that aren’t necessary. Most of the things are made of wood or plants, so the vegetation is being cut down.

10 The African rainforest grows in the Congo River basin
The African rainforest grows in the Congo River basin. What large river runs through the basin? The Congo river


12 List and describe three types of vegetation found in the rainforest.
Oil Palm- it is about 14% of the world’s oil gotten from plants. Also, it can be used to make iron plates, chocolate, candles, and soup. Mahogany- one of the most popular woods, famous for its texture and color. Also, oil from its seeds can be used to kill insects. Okoume- it is found ONLY in central Africa. Also, it is a high-grade light weight wood.

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