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End World Hunger Alexis Ayers.

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1 End World Hunger Alexis Ayers

2 Facts about world hunger
There is about 925 million people that are not getting as much food as they need. The world produces enough food to feed everyone on the Earth. People who go hungry either do not have money to buy food or live in places that do not have land to grow food. Almost 98 percent of worldwide hunger is in underdeveloped countries.

3 Three Ways to End World Hunger
1) Help at home 2) Volunteer to go to underdeveloped countries 3) Food donations

4 Help At Home There are many ways that you can do to end world hunger at home. Some of the things you can do is work at the food shelter and soup kitchens. Both of those places give food out for free to people who are starving. Most people either say they don't have time or they just don't feel like helping out. To actually help solve worldwide hunger people are going to have to help by doing the little things first.

5 Volunteer to go to underdeveloped countries
Another way to help is by volunteering to go to underdeveloped countries and provide clean water, and food production. While the volunteer is still at the country they can teach them about nutrition and farming.

6 Food Donations Food donations are a great resource for those who are in need of food whether it is in your local community or across the world. By making contributions to organizations who feed the hunger throughout the world, you can contact your local churches, red cross, and feed the hungry.

7 Conclusion There are a lot of ways to help the world with the vast amount of problems it has, but I choose to feed the hungry. Hunger has become an epidemic in both industrialized and underdeveloped countries across the world. There have been many senseless deaths due to hunger and it has been proven that age is not a factor. With all the problems in the world, the least of person's worries should be where and when they will get their next meal from. If each family in every city would come together with the goal of ending hunger, it would not take long to make the hunger situation but a memory and the world would be a better place.

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