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Canada Climate Change Development Fund (CCCDF) Projects in support of national communications Satender Singh Department of Foreign Affairs and International.

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1 Canada Climate Change Development Fund (CCCDF) Projects in support of national communications Satender Singh Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

2 Contents About the CCCDF Project Selection CCCDF Program Areas Projects in support of national communications

3 Budget 2000: Five year, $100-million initiative within Canada’s official development assistance program About the CCCDF CCCDF Goals: To contribute to Canada's international objectives on climate change; To promote activities in developing countries that address the causes and effects of climate change; To contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction. CIDA administers the CCCDF on behalf of other government departments

4 Funding has been allocated (Completed two selection rounds) Project Selection 45 Projects + 6 Small Project Funds (Projects ≤ $5M, Small projects ≤ $250K each)

5 CCCDF Program Areas Emissions reduction (41%) – in the rate of growth of greenhouse gases (GHGs) through technology transfer; Carbon sequestration (30%) - in natural sinks such as forests, soils and oceans through sustainable land-use; Adaptation (18%) – to adverse impacts of climate change by reducing vulnerability; Core capacity building (11%) – in climate change mitigation and utilization of carbon credit mechanisms such as CDM. Each CCCDF project falls under 1 of 4 programming areas:

6 CCCDF projects in support of national communications There are a number of projects under the CCCDF that could assist developing countries meet their communication commitments under the UNFCCC. 2 specific examples: 1.Canada-China Cooperation in Climate Change - C5 ($ 3.75 million) 2.Nigeria-Canada Climate Change Capacity Development Project ($ 1.49 million)

7 Canada-China Cooperation in Climate Change (C5) Project Canadian Partners Environment Canada Resource Futures International Chinese Partners China Meteorological Administration Energy Research Institute Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences State Environment Protection Agency – Center for Environmental Education and Communications Photo source: ?? This project aims to strengthen China’s core capacity within government, research and academic institutions, industry and communities to address the issue of climate change in the areas of CDM, Public Awareness and Outreach, National Communications, and Adaptation and Impacts. Lead By: State Development Planning Commission (SDPC) National Climate Change Office Environmental Technology Advancement Directorate (ETAD)

8 C5 Project Components 1.Develop awareness and outreach tools, techniques and approaches 2.Share Canadian experience in collecting, estimating and managing GHG data, and forecasting GHG emissions in support of China’s first National Communications report; 3.Identify and assess impacts of climate change, in support of an effective adaptation strategy for China; 4.Develop an operational model for CDM project development and build capacity in China to employ the model. Project Start = May 2002 Project Duration = ~22 months Provinces Targeted = All

9 C5 - national communications component 2 main activities: 1.Data management, collection and inventory systems 2.Specific source methodologies development fugitive emissions from oil and gas sector emissions of HFCs, PFCs, SF6s emissions from aluminum production Expected outcomes:  Develop data management and inventory systems through the demonstration of Canadian experience  Estimate emissions from selected sources  Emissions forecasting by demonstrating Canadian techniques, tools and models.

10 Nigeria-Canada Climate Change Capacity Development Project The goal of this project is to contribute to strengthening the capacity of Nigeria to participate in global efforts against climate change. The project will emphasize capacity building and training, through national and regional workshops and collaboration with various stakeholders. It will focus on building partnerships, including with local counterparts and experts from appropriate institutions in order to build permanent capacity throughout the country. Canadian Partners Global Change Strategies International (GCSI) Nigerian Partners Nigeria Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST)

11 Nigeria-Canada Project Activities 1.Strengthening capacity of federal institutions 2.Targeted public awareness campaign

12 Nigeria-Canada Project Activities 3.Inventory and mitigation assessment 4.Vulnerability and adaptation

13 1.Strengthening capacity of federal institutions Accomplishments: climate change policy statement drafted climate change desk of the Federal Ministry of Env. on project management team dialogue with Minister of State for Env. workshop with House Env. Committee (40 MPs) Nigeria-Canada Project Activities …..1

14 2.Targeted public awareness campaign Accomplishments: 5 outreach workshops 7 ENGO projects funded to develop awareness tools climate change web site and resource centre established NEST recognized as source for climate change information Nigeria-Canada Project Activities..…2

15 3.Inventory and mitigation assessment Accomplishments: Draft reports oReview of GHG inventories / mitigation assessment oGuidelines and procedures for CDM approval Laboratory established in local university – emissions data updated Nigeria-Canada Project Activities …..3

16 4.Vulnerability and adaptation Accomplishments: Draft report oClimate modeling and scenarios supporting vulnerability and adaptation assessment Methodology workshop for sectoral studies 5 sectoral studies commissioned Training on climate modelling Nigeria-Canada Project Activities …..4

17 ….. in summary Support for the preparation of NA1 national communications through projects under the CCCDF o key areas Vulnerability and adaptation assessment GHG inventories Mitigation analysis o activities Education and awareness Capacity building Technology transfer Research Networking

18 Contact information  CIDA website  CCCDF Manager: Colette Kawa

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