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Understanding Email Basics Computer Concepts Unit A.

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1 Understanding Email Basics Computer Concepts Unit A

2 Understanding Email Basics How do I get an email account Email Provider Email Provider Internet service provide Universities Gmail Hotmail mailbox What is a mailbox? – Your email account includes a storage area.

3 Understanding Email Basics Parts of an email address – Example: User ID “at” symbol Name of email provider

4 Understanding Email Basics How do I say my email address so others will understand and be able to write to me? – Simply email your email address to those you want to have it.

5 Understanding Email Basics special computer Do I need a special computer to send and receive email? – No, but your computer must be able to connect to the Internet and it must have email software installed.

6 Understanding Email Basics What does an email message look like? – It has several parts: Recipient’s email Recipient’s email address address The address of anyone who is receiving a copy of the message. message subject The message subject. file attachments The name of any file attachments

7 Understanding Email Basics Do I need to be at my computer when my friend sends me the email? – Nostore-and-forward – No; Email is based on store-and-forward technology. – Emails that can’t be sent directly to their destinations will be temporarily stored until transmission is possible.

8 Understanding Email Basics Can I send a file or picture to my friends or professors through email? – Yes – Yes. documentsspreadsheetsdigital photosvideosounds – You can send documents, spreadsheets, digital photos, video, and sounds. – Email Attachments – Email Attachments: Any file that travels with an email message.

9 Understanding Email Basics Are there rules for writing and sending email that I should know about? – Yes – Yes, It is important to use proper netiquette when composing a message. – Netiquette ( Internet etiquette) – Netiquette ( Internet etiquette) provides guidelines for maintaining civilized and effective communications in online discussion.

10 Parts of an email message Text Formatting buttons Click to send the message Click to attach a file Recipient’s name and email address Subject of message Email Message

11 Email Features



14 Understanding Email Basics Emoticons Emoticons : – Used in informal messages, instant messaging and text messaging colondashparenthesis – Made using symbols on the keyboard, such as colon, the dash, and the parenthesis.

15 Thank you Questions !!! Questions !!!

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