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Brown Bear Jerry & Ethan.

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1 Brown Bear Jerry & Ethan

2 Eating They smell to find food. Bears eat berries, leaves, roots, rodents, fish and dead animals.

3 Describes The Bear Bears are very big. They weigh over 800 pounds and are up to 8 feet long. Males are bigger than females. Bears have sharp claws. They are powerful diggers. They have poor eyesight but a good sense of smell. They have a wide head and strong jaws. They have brown fur. They have thick fur.

4 Hibernating In the fall a bear eats a lot and grows fat. It can lose half its weight over winter. Bears sleep all winter in their den.

5 Cubs Their babies are called cubs. They have 1-4 babies in the den. Babies stay with their mom for 2 or 3 years. In spring the cubs come out to play.

6 Facts Bears live in North America and the Middle East. They live alone in caves. They also live in the forest by rivers and streams. Bears can live for 30 years. They are sometimes called grizzlies. Bears are not scared of anything. They run fast- up to 30 miles an hour. Bears are fast swimmers.

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