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Studying The Brain.

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1 Studying The Brain

2 THE THREE BRAINS Hindbrain- a part of the brain located at the rear base of the skull that is involved in the basic processes of life Cerebellum-behind spinal cord, helps control posture, balance, and voluntary movements Medulla-breathing, heart rate, reflexes Pons-bridge between spinal cord and brain, produces chemicals for sleep

3 Midbrain- a small part of the brain above the pons that arouses the brain, integrates sensory information, and relays it upward

4 Forebrain- a part of the brain that covers the brain’s central core, responsible for sensory and motor control and the processing of thinking and language Thalamus- relays sensory information to and from the cortex Hypothalamus- Controls functions like hunger, thirst, sexual behavior, and reactions to temperature Cerebral Cortex- Outer layer of forebrain, allows you to learn abstract information Cerebrum- Inner layer of forebrain, allows you to see, read, and is the site of thinking processes Hippocampus- crucial to formation of memories Amygdala- controls violent emotions (rage, fear) Pituitary Gland- secretes hormones (growth gland) Limbic System- Controls emotions and motivations (Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Amygdala, Hippocampus)

5 LOBES Lobes- the different regions into which the cerebral cortex is divided Occipital Lobe- Vision Parietal Lobe- Body Sensations (Skin/Muscles) Primary Somatosensory Cortex (Touch Sensors) Primary Motor Cortex (Fine Movement Control) Frontal Lobe- Short-Term Memory/Planning Of Movements Temporal Lobe- Hearing

6 Left & Right Hemispheres
Each of the 4 lobes are present in both sides of the cerebrum. Corpus Callosum- carries messages back and forth Left Brain- controls right side of body Mathematic ability, calculation, logic Right Brain- controls left side of body Perceptual tasks, patterns, music, art, creativity Split Brain

7 Left Brain/Right Brain Test
Number to 21. Choose the sentence most true to you. Do not leave any blank.

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