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Engineering Sector in South Yorkshire Gary Drabble

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1 Engineering Sector in South Yorkshire Gary Drabble

2 The Past – Low Tech / High Volume Dirty Low paid Dangerous Poor job security

3 Today – Low Volume/High Tech Metals Textiles Plastics Environmental Chemical Electrical / Electronic ICT Mechanical

4 Rolls Royce The Advanced Blade Casting Facility, will make turbine blades used within jet engines. A second factory will manufacture large components for power stations. A third factory will house one of Rolls-Royce's suppliers. It is expected that 350 jobs will be created.

5 Kraft Foods ‘My job was to put one pink and one blue coconut sweet in the bucket on the conveyor belt as it went by. ‘ ‘My next door neighbour worked there as a 'liquorice stirrer'.’ Sheffield’s Trebor Bassett factory is to start making Oreo biscuits bringing investment of £6 million to the city and creating 60 new jobs.

6 Tata Steel Samuel Fox took over a former cotton mill in 1842 and developed into the steelworks which brought prosperity to the district. Today there is a big focus on aerospace and high quality material production.

7 Engineering In The Future 70% of aeroplanes contain parts made in South Yorkshire Leading sports engineering company based in South Yorkshire More steel produced in South Yorkshire than during the Second World War 3 leading medical engineering companies based in the sub-region Need for 6000 high level engineers over the next 5 years in South Yorkshire Professional engineers earn more than solicitors

8 What Skills Are Needed? Problem solving Team work Initiative Science and Maths Varied working life

9 Raising Awareness Made In South Yorkshire Box 7 STEM Career Events Y8/Y9 Post 16 Career Events Programme for potential NEETs Careers Pathway

10 New Developments: UTC Sheffield A new institution drawing students from across the sub- region Focus on Engineering and Digital Technologies 120 Y10 180 Y12

11 New Developments: AMRC Training Centre 150 Apprentices from September 2013 Focus on Advanced Manufacturing

12 Engineering Excellence Pathway Too many schools developing courses that gain league table points, but which do not lead to progression. Development of courses linked to the needs of employers Support in the development of use of new technologies Support in organising visits and employer based projects.

13 Supporting Teaching Courses / training for staff CNC training Enterprise Employer based projects Gripple Forgemasters Kraft Boeing Network meetings for clusters of staff

14 Co-ordination How do employers link to schools effectively? How do we ensure that HE, FE and other organisations have a co-ordinated approach? How do we ensure that opportunities are advertised to students? How do we respond to the English Bacc? Technical Bacc Birmingham Bacc

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