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Introduction Strategic frameworks and their use in project design for Food for Progress and McGovern-Dole Use of indicators to show impact of your work.

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1 Introduction Strategic frameworks and their use in project design for Food for Progress and McGovern-Dole Use of indicators to show impact of your work How frameworks and indicators will be integrated into USDA’s programs

2 Strategic Frameworks and Indicators A new approach based on a global food security strategy A need to show program results To give USDA programs clear objectives A transition period A need for consultation with program participants

3 Development of Frameworks for Food for Progress Began with a review of past programming Met in November with program participants Developed program categories or types that described nearly all of the projects we fund Identified indicators Developed strategic objectives and frameworks

4 Strategic Objective Intermediate Results Initial Results Food for Progress Food Security Framework Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Practices Increase the access of food to rural households. Improved Post Harvest Handling and Storage Increased Land Conservation Better Water Quality Reduced Pest and Disease Damage Improved Water Management ImprovedImproved Cleaning and Drying Improved Planting Methods Increased Agricultural Productivity Increased Access to Production Inputs Expaned access to storage Better Handling of Chemicals

5 Food Security Program Indicators Number of Hectares under Improved Practices Number of Farmers Using Improved Practices Yield Increases Improved Diets/Dietary Diversity

6 Food for Progress Agribusiness Framework Creation of commercially viable agribusiness enterprises Increase Access to Production Inputs (Reduce Costs of Transactions) Improve Business Practices Improve Production Practices Increase Market Access Improve Human Resources Improve Marketing Established Financial Linkages Strengthen Entrepreneur- Ship Skills Improve Food Safety Improve Processing & Packaging Improve Disease & Pest Management Improve Soil and Land Management Increase use of Storage Systems Improve Distribution Infrastructure Grow Public Private Partnerships Build Associations and Organizations Improve Product Development Strengthen Management Systems Strategic Objective Intermediate Results Credit Programs

7 Agribusiness Program Indicators Increase Revenues from Crop/Livestock Businesses Established Measures of Added Value through Value Chains (operating profits, gross margins, other measures of financial accounting)

8 Food for Progress Financial Services Framework Improved Institutional Capacity for Financial Services Effective Financial Products and Services Creation of Diversified Products and Services Establish Market Research Establish Operating Policies Marketing and Community Outreach Establish/Expand Legal Framework Improve Leadership and Governance Develop Management Systems Strategic Objective Intermediate Results Initial Results Improved Policy & Regulatory Environment Increase the availability of financial services to rural households, micro and small enterprises, and agribusinesses.

9 Financial Services Program Indicators The indicators for such projects are: Daily Per Capita Expenditure (DPCE) Jobs Created Business Revenues

10 McGovern-Dole Program Objectives more narrowly defined in a program with more specific focus McGovern-Dole further along in it development Developed Strategic Frameworks and Indicators

11 McGovern-Dole Program Hygiene/Nutrition Framework Improved Hygiene Practices Build healthy communities through good hygiene practices and beneficial eating habits. Strengthen Beneficial Eating Habits Hygiene & Health Training Water Quality & Clean Water Sources Installed Meal Preparation Training Meal Options with Local Products Dietary Requirements Training Construction & Repair of Latrines Deworming & Immunization School Feeding

12 Indicators for Health Objective Measures of hygiene: Use of soap Latrines Measures of latrine use Food safety/safe preparation of food Measures of nutritional balance

13 McGovern-Dole Program Education Framework Improve Teaching Environment Improved Policy & Regulatory Environment Provide education to all students through a strong education-conducive environment Improve Physical Learning Environment Gender Friendly Latrines Classroom/School Construction/Repair Establish Operating Policies Teacher Instruction Training Establish Legal Framework Leadership and Governance Teaching Supplies Teacher-Child Ratio

14 Indicators for the Education Objective Measures of school or system enrollment Student and teacher attendance, promotion rates of students Percentages of teachers with certificates

15 McGovern-Dole Program Sustainability Framework Create sustainable food for education activities through partnering and policy efforts Empower Communities Around Schools AdvocacyLegislate School Feeding & Universal Free Education Lobbying Initiatives Host Government Outreach Public Private Partnerships Entrepreneur- ship Development Policy & LawNational Government Capacity Building PTA Development & Training Associations and Organizations Good Governance Practices Agriculture Cooperatives

16 Indicators for Sustainability Objective The legal framework of the school system Empowerment at the local level Advocacy and partnerships

17 Select your project type Describe the results you want to achieve Identify causal linkages in your proposal submission: use the framework to help you with this process Identify your indicator How the Framework Impacts Proposal Submission

18 Review A new approach Identify an Strategic Framework Identify an indicator FAD will work with you Additional consultations More changes in 2011

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