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Mississippi Florida Arkansas Alabama Louisiana Kentucky

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1 Mississippi Florida Arkansas Alabama Louisiana Kentucky South East States West Virginia South Carolina North Carolina Georgia Tennessee Virginia

2 State Flower Apple Blossom State Flag State Bird Common Mockingbird Capital City: Little Rock State Borders: Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas State Nickname: The Natural State Initials: AR

3 State Bird Eastern Brown Pelican Capital City: Baton Rouge State Borders: Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas State Nickname: Pelican State Initials: LA State Flower Magnolia State Flag

4 State Flower Magnolia Capital City: Jackson State Borders: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, And Tennessee State Nickname: Magnolia State Initials: MS State Bird Mocking Bird State Flag

5 Capital City: Montgomery
State Borders: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi State Nickname: Yellowhammer State Initials: AL State Flag State Bird Yellowhammer State Flower Camellia

6 State Flag State Flower Iris State Bird Mocking Bird Capital City: Nashville State Borders: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Virginia, and North Carolina State Nickname: Volunteer State Initials: TN

7 Capital City: Frankfort
State Borders: Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia State Nickname: Bluegrass State Initials: KY State Bird Cardinal State Flag State Flower Golden Rod

8 State Bird Cardinal State Flag Capital City: Charleston State Borders: Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia State Nickname: Mountain State Initials: WV State Flower Rhododendron

9 State Flower Dogwood State Fag State Bird Cardinal Capital City: Richmond State Borders: Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia State Nickname: Old Dominion State Initials: VA

10 Capital City: Raleigh State Borders: Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee State Nickname: Old North State Initials: NC State Flower Dogwood State Flag State Bird Cardinal

11 State Bird Great Carolina Wren State Flag State Flower Yellow Jessamine Capital City: Columbia State Borders: Georgia and North Carolina State Nickname: Palmetto State Initials: SC

12 Capital City: Atlanta State Borders: Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee State Nickname: Peach State Initials: GA State Flag State Bird Brown Thrasher State Flower Cherokee Rose

13 Capital City: Tallahassee
State Borders: Alabama and Georgia State Nickname: Sunshine State Initials: FL State Flag State Flower Orange Blossom State Bird Mocking Bird



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