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World Meteorological Organization Working together in weather, climate and water NextGen Update WMO; WMO.

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1 World Meteorological Organization Working together in weather, climate and water NextGen Update WMO; WMO

2 2NextGen Update Overview WMO NextGen—Why? NextGen—How? NextGen Weather Summary

3 3NextGen Update NextGen—Why? WMO Weather accounts for 70% of all air traffic delays within the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS) –The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has determined two thirds of this is preventable with better weather information "A key finding, based on an analysis of several 2005-2006 convective events, is that as much as two-thirds of the weather related delay is potentially avoidable." -Research, Engineering and Development Advisory Committee; Report of the Weather-ATM Integration Working Group; Oct3, 2007

4 4NextGen Update NextGen—Why? WMO “The total cost of domestic air traffic delays to the U.S. economy was as much as $41 billion for 2007.” –Air-traffic delays raised airlines' operating costs by $19 billion. –Delays cost passengers time worth up to $12 billion. –Indirect costs of delay to other industries added roughly $10 billion to the total burden. –Your Flight Has Been Delayed Again; Congressional Joint Economic Committee; May 2008

5 5NextGen Update NextGen—Big Picture WMO

6 6NextGen Update NextGen—How? WMO Improvements to the U.S. air transportation system will be achieved by applying: –Space-based navigation and integrated surveillance –Digital communications –Layered adaptive security –Weather integrated into decision-making –Advanced automation of Air Traffic Management –Net-centric information access for operations

7 7NextGen Update NextGen—How? WMO

8 8NextGen Update WMO NextGen Weather

9 9NextGen Update The 4-D Weather Database A Conceptual Model WMO 4-D Wx Database Custom Graphic Generators Custom Graphic Generators Integration into User Decisions Decision Support Systems Decision Support Systems Custom Alphanumeric Generators Custom Alphanumeric Generators Observations ForecastingForecasting 4D Wx SAS Radars Aircraft Surface Satellites Soundings Private Sector NWS Forecaster NWS Forecaster Forecast Systems Forecast Integration Statistical Forecasting Systems Numerical Modeling Systems

10 10NextGen Update Single Authoritative Source WMO The 4-D Weather Single Authoritative Source (SAS): –Is only a portion of the 4-D Weather Database –Provides a common weather picture for National Air Space (NAS) participants (Airlines, Military, FAA, etc.) –Is the basis for all aviation decisions by Air Traffic Management (ATM) in the FAA –Is formed by merger of model data, automated gridded algorithms, climatology and observational data, and meteorologist input/data manipulation to ensure consistency and accuracy FAA and NWS collaboratively determine contents of SAS subject to FAA air traffic management needs

11 11NextGen Update NextGen Weather Transformation WMO Weather NowWeather Under NextGen Not integrated into aviation decision support systems (DSS) Totally integrated into DSS Often inconsistent/conflicting information on a national scale Nationally consistent weather information Low temporal resolution for aviation decision making purposes High temporal resolution Disseminated in minutes Disseminated in seconds Updated by schedule Updated by events Fixed product formats (graphic or text) Flexible formats

12 Forecast Process Forecaster input to weather information to add value – Meteorologist in/over the loop Global Harmonization Discussion and collaboration with international community NextGen Weather Transformation

13 12NextGen Update Summary WMO U.S. NextGen is a Congressionally-mandated initiative to modernize the U.S. Air Transportation System in order to increase capacity and reliability; improve safety and security; and minimize the environmental impact of aviation Weather integration into Air Traffic Management (ATM) is a key component to the NextGen The 4-Dimensional Weather Database will be a virtual repository for weather information needed for pilots and air traffic managers to be aware of how the weather will impact airport and flight operations The Single Authoritative Source (SAS), a subset of weather information in the 4-D weather database, will provide a consistent weather picture for all official air traffic management decisions

14 13NextGen Update WMO Questions?

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