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#2 John Adams 1797-1801. Farmer, Lawyer, Statesman, President Born October 30th 1735. Parents: Elizabeth and William. Wife: Abigail (Smith) Children:

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1 #2 John Adams 1797-1801

2 Farmer, Lawyer, Statesman, President Born October 30th 1735. Parents: Elizabeth and William. Wife: Abigail (Smith) Children: Abigail, John Quincy, Susanna, Charles, Thomas

3 Background John Adam’s ancestors were Puritans from England, having come to Massachusetts in the middle of the 17th Century. The Adams family was upstanding, if not extremely wealthy, with an honest reputation. Adams’ father was a freeholder, or landowning farmer, who also grew malt, and was active in church and local politics.

4 Youth Young Adams spent a great deal of time reading and studying. He loved the outdoors, spending a great amount of time in the local fields and forests. He enjoyed learning, but needed some encouragement from his father before committing to his studies.

5 Education and Early Adulthood As a young boy, he studied with local teachers. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College in 1755, at the age of 20! Spoke Latin, Greek, and French. Worked as a school teacher upon graduation from Harvard. Studied law from 1755-1758 Admitted to the bar 1758 at the age of 23!

6 Marriage Adams married Abigail Smith, in 1764. She came from a wealthy family (Her mother thought she was marrying below her status). She was among the most prominent first ladies, and had an enormous effect on her husband and his policies. Extremely intelligent, and witty. A voracious letter writer. As strong of a marriage as any first couple has ever had.

7 Law Adams had as strong an understanding of the law as anyone in American history, once ordering every new law book printed in England. Adams toured the entire Massachusetts colony trying cases on property rights, trade, theft, murder, burglary, etc.

8 Boston Massacre Adams defended the British soldiers and their officer charged in the “Boston Massacre”. This earned him a reputation as an extremely fair man and increased his reputation in the colonies.

9 Political Career Served in numerous local offices as a young lawyer. In 1768 he became a member of the Massachusetts Legislature. In 1774 First Continental Congress 1775 Second Continental Congress 1778 ambassador to France 1779 Massachusetts Constitutional Convention

10 Political Career Continued 1780 Minister to Netherlands 1785 Minister to England 1789-1797 Vice President to George Washington. 1797-1801 President 1820 Member of Second Constitutional Congress of Massachusetts

11 Important Actions in Politics Proposed George Washington as Commander of Continental Army to unite the colonies. Committee of five selected to draft the Declaration of Independence. Helped gain French loans and military support during the revolution.

12 Personality Adams was known for his honesty, candor, wit, and sense of humor. He was thought by some to be arrogant, vain, ambitious, and strong willed, all of which he admitted and was hard on himself for. Adams was extremely hard on himself, and sometimes on others, demanding his high standards be met. He was very sensitive to criticism, despite his own tendency toward self-criticism.

13 Personality Continued Adams had many close friends, and was a loyal supporter of them. Many people considered his a great friend. Adams was known to be wonderful in conversation. He was also a great orator. Adams wanted very much to be successful on a high level, and worked to do so. Unfortunately he was too opinionated and principled to not offend some people, which hampered his career.

14 Presidency Adams had a difficult time as president due to his desire to be impartial. Partisan politics between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans became extremely bitter. His old friend Jefferson and his supporters write scathing articles denouncing Adams. His cabinet members were not loyal to him. They were loyal to Hamilton, another Federalist.

15 Important Events First President to live in the White House. XYZ Affair (French demand bribes from U.S. to end potential hostilities) Quasi-War (Undeclared Naval War with France) Alien and Sedition Acts (Gave the President power to suppress critical speech)

16 Presidential Legacy Good Kept U.S. out of war with France. Established U.S. Navy and Marines Corps. Was fiscally responsible. Attempted to end partisan strife. Bad Alien and Sedition Acts. Mishandling XYZ affair. Left White House to avoid Jefferson when he took office. Midnight Judges

17 Larger Legacy Adams, along with Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison, is considered to be one of the most important of the Founding Fathers. By selecting Washington as Commander-in Chief, and Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence, Adams showed tremendous judgment and humility.

18 Larger Legacy Continued His role in securing aid from France was decisive in the war. He helped work out the Treaty of Paris, ending the Revolution on fair terms. He was firmly against slavery, in a time when this was not the norm

19 Later Years and Death Was called to work in the Second Constitutional Convention of Massachusetts in 1820. Became a supporter of abolition. Reconciled with Thomas Jefferson after years of bitterness. Advised his son John Quincy.

20 Death John Adams died on July 4th, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. His last words are reported as “Thomas Jefferson still survives”. He didn’t know that Jefferson died the same day.

21 Interesting Adams relationship with his wife is considered to be one of the great love stories of American History. They wrote hundreds of letters that survive today. Adams son, John Quincy, also became president, the first of only two times in history. Adams cousin, Samuel, was one of the original patriots, fighting against the Stamp Act. John Adam’s Vice President was Aaron Burr. He will come back into play later.

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