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Documentary Photography

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1 Documentary Photography
By Ian Roche Dorothea Lange -Migrant Worker, during the Great Depression

2 What is Documentary Photography?
Documentary Photography is as can be seen by the name is the documentation of historical objects, people and events, everything that is photographed is real. Documentary Photo can either be of wars, famous people, inventions and people in hardships.

3 Mathew Brady The most famous Civil War documenter
and most celebrated photographer of the 19th century. Born 1822 died January 15, 1896 This picture of Abraham Lincoln was taken by Brady on February 27, 1860, the day of Lincoln’s Cooper Union speech. Brady in 1870

4 Eugène Atget Known for documenting the architecture and street scenes of Paris. Born February 12, 1857, died August 4, 1927 Avenue des Gobelins, taken 1927 Taken in Paris through a street view window. Organ Grinder, Taken 1898 in Paris

5 Examples of Documentary Photography
City Dump, Yamuna River Slum, Delhi, India 2005, taken by Manuel Rivera-Ortiz. Bandit’s Roost, Taken by Jacob Riis in 1888.

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