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Software Engineer Report What should contains the report?!

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1 Software Engineer Report What should contains the report?!

2 Report Head Outline  Cover page  Abstract  Acknowledgments  Table of content  Table of figure  Table index

3 Chapter outline  Chapter 1: Introduction  Chapter 2 : Literature review  Chapter 3: Project management  Chapter 4 : SRS Document  Chapter 5: Software Design  Chapter 6: Implementation  Chapter 7: Testing  Chapter 8 : Conclusion & Future work

4 Report Tail outline  Abbreviation  Appendix  References

5 Abstract  Summarize of research article / thesis, review, project..etc.  The abstract have to talk about  Natural of your project  Its context  How it was carried out  What its major finding are  After you done of the abstract, test it by the following questions :  What you have achieved ??  What the content of your dissertation ??

6 Acknowledgments  Where you express thanks to those who have provided to you help either Academic guidance or material contribution to you.

7 Table of contents

8 Table of Figure

9 Table of tables

10 Chapter 1 : Introduction  Chapter is going to describe briefly what your project is about  will define the scope of your project.  You are going to talk about problem area briefly  Finally you write roadmap of project report for example : In chapter 2 we are going to talk about …., while in chapter 3 we will discuss …

11 Introduction can be divide into  Introduction  Background  Problem definition  Project objective  Road map

12 Literature Review  Chapter where you review the critical points of current knowledge on a particular topic.  Critical examination of relevant theories / concepts, approaches method and techniques.  You need talk about how and where you will have used any of the results of your literature study in your project. Provide an understanding of the topic area problem domain / technology – in terms of established theory and practical  Also, demonstrate that you can apply knowledge that you have been expose to.  In addition, reuse tried and tested ideas, methods and technique

13 Division  Introduction  Background  Other section depend own your project need

14 Chapter 3 : Project management  Task analysis  State how traditional phase of a software development life cycle form part of an academic development project  Describe typical documentation of each stage

15 Chapter 3 : Division  Introduction  Software process model  Risk management  Overview  Process description  Feasibility study  Project activities and plan

16 Chapter 4: SRS  Introduction  Requirement collection  Requirement analysis  Functional  Non-functional  DFD  Process specification  Structure English  Decision table  Decision tree

17 Chapter 5 : Software Design  Introduction  Design database  Design Screen / layout / wireframe  Design Database  Design dictionary  Design data flow  Data structure  STD

18 Implementation & Testing  Introduction  Testing type

19 Chapter 8 : Conclusion and future work  Final words in your project should be logical and from the work carried out.  Include an assessment of the complete product  Also, be critically assessing the work that has been carried out  Propose any recommendations for extending the work as future work

20 You may divided into  Objective  Benefit  Problem encounter  Future work

21 Abbreviation  This section contains a list of standard word abbreviations. In some cases, several words may share the same abbreviation. Usually, other parts of the object name will help place the abbreviation in context.  Any words/abbreviations with an asterisk (*) are from PeopleSoft's standards. PeopleSoft object names using any of the words listed below MUST use the indicated abbreviation.


23 Appendix  An addendum/Appendix, in general, is an addition to a certain document, sometimes subsequent to its edition, publication or diffusion.  In a book, an addendum (sometimes referred to as an "appendix") is a supplemental addition to a given main work. It may correct errors, explain inconsistencies or otherwise detail or update the information found in the main work, especially if any such problems were detected too late to correct the main work. For example, the main work could have had already been printed and the cost of destroying the batch and reprinting is deemed too high. As such, addenda may come in many forms — a separate letter included with the work, text files on a digital medium, or any similar carrier.

24 References  Bibliographies are special reference works that are used to identify as many published works on a given subject as possible, and serve as compilations for other authors or researchers.


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