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Localizing & Learning Educating Educators within Open Learning Environments.

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1 Localizing & Learning Educating Educators within Open Learning Environments

2 Questions from this morning… Beyond anecdotal evidence, what examples do we have of open education transforming the traditional methods of teaching and learning? What drives more participation in open education in ways that learners, educators, projects, and institutions can be truly engaged and rewarded? What (more) can the community do to help open education projects become more rigorous, reflective, and effective about sustainability? How can Higher Education get more ready for Opening Up Education?

3 Overview Breaking down open education Creating open learning environments – Open educational practices and resources – Traditional instructional principles Courses as examples Lessons Learned Questions that Linger

4 Open Education?

5 Education ≠ Content “Content is a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition for education.” - David Wiley

6 After Content, People Need… Help understanding what it means Help engaging in meaningful practice Feedback about their practice (more help) More practice More feedback A sense that someone cares how they do Source: David Wiley

7 open Openness … Remove barriers to participation Encourage and foster participation to community

8 Connection … open connected Learner to learner Learner to facilitator Learner to world

9 Support … open connected supported Someone to offer help and support learner

10 How can open education work in a traditional learning environment? open connected supported

11 “Information that does not include presentation, practice and learner guidance is information but not instruction.” - David Merrill

12 Open Learning Environment Open Instruction PresentPracticeFeedback Open Educational Resources

13 How to blend open educational practices with traditional instructional principles PresentPracticeFeedback How to use and re-use OERs

14 Course Overview Technology for Preservice Teachers – W301 – W210/W310 Foundations of Instructional Technology (r511) WebCast

15 Teacher Technology Integration Courses (w210, w301, w310) Present Wiki BasedOERs Face-to-face / Discussions Practice Actual Lab Setting Individual Assignments Reflective Blog Writing Feedback Peer / Expert Interaction Instructor Feedback on Assignments Blogs (Instructor / Peers) OERs Teacher TubeBlogsW210 Wiki

16 R511: Introduction to IST Present Colloquium Podcast Readings Flash Presentation (Molenda) Practice Wiki – asynchronous teams Synchronous Chats Individual Deliverables Feedback Comments on Wiki Team Interactions / Peer Review Instructor Feedback on Deliverables Comments OERs Brochure / Colloquium Podcast New / Updated Wiki Content Deliverables

17 Project Present Wiki Based Asynchronous Multi-media Practice No Known Peers Interactive Tutorials Case Studies / Reflective Writing Feedback No Facilitator “Canned” Tutorials Peer / Expert Interaction OERs Part of Wikiversity Repository Wikiversity Expert Contributions Learner Responses

18 Present Live Webcasts Screencasts Drupal Based Web Site Web Site Practice Audio Recordings Assignments Webcast Portfolio Feedback Coordinator / Peer Reviews Text Chat Live Webcasts OERs Discussion Forums New Screencasts Recorded Webcasts

19 Lessons Learned Open learning environments … Encourage, recognize, and maintain learner contributions Offer authentic learning contexts Advance prior knowledge – from previous courses – from community of learners Bring new challenges …

20 Education Courses for a Purpose All the courses prepare educators Goals to design learning opportunities Service learning benefits learners and designers Service Learning – How do we make sure quality products are delivered? – Quality = Pink Hair

21 Questions that Linger Evaluation – How do we make sure that instructional materials we produce are quality open educational resources? Archive Management – How do we make sure users interested can gain access appropriate open educational resources? Feedback – How do we provide feedback to users in open educational resources we design? Community Contributions – How do we encourage quality contributions from inside and outside community members?

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