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SharePoint Password Management

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1 SharePoint Password Management
Step by step instructions on how to reset or change your password.

2 Access CFBHN website Reset your password Change your password

3 CFBHN Website Type and hit Enter
From the Resource menu, select Agency Resources

4 Agency Resources Select SharePoint (Reset or Change Password)

5 If you know the password that was issued to you by CFBHN and would like to change it; you can skip the Reset Password instructions at this time, and proceed to the Change Password instructions.

6 Reset your password Instructions on resetting your password.

7 Password Reset Enter SharePoint Username
Type address that you included on Access form

8 Password Reset Confirmation
If your username and are correct, you will get the following message. You will then be sent to the address you entered.

9 Password Reset Email Rejection
If your has changed or is entered incorrectly, you will get the highlighted error message.

10 Password Reset Username Rejection
If you receive the highlighted message, your username is incorrect.

11 Upon successfully resetting your password, you will receive an with a temporary password. You will then need to complete the following steps to change your password. If you do not complete this in a timely manner(approx minutes), you will need to reset your password again before you are able to login or change your password.

12 Instructions on changing your password.
Change your password Instructions on changing your password.

13 Password Change Account – Your SharePoint username
Old Password – Current SharePoint password New Password – Password you want to change to Retype New Password – Confirm the password you entered in “New Password” To set the password, select Change Password

14 Successful Password Change
If your password meets the complexity requirements, you will see the message highlighted above.

15 Password Change Fails If your new password does not meet the complexity requirements, you will see the message highlighted above.

16 If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact either of the following individuals:
Joseph Ahrens x243 or Ioan Fernandez – x241 or

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