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Taking Care of Pets.

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1 Taking Care of Pets

2 Being A Good Citizen What are good character behavior skills?
What character skills apply to caring for animals?





7 Basic Needs Who can name the basic needs of pets?
Name some animals that could be pets.

8 Pet Needs and Responsible Owners
Food Water Shelter Potty Needs Exercise Grooming Health Care Love and Affection Pet Safety Family Vacations Get Your Home Ready

9 Pets need care! Whether you choose a dog, cat, gerbil, fish, turtle rabbit or any other pet, the same skills apply in caring for any animal. Taking care of a pet is a daily responsibility. Try taking care of a virtual pet to practice what it takes.

10 Video

11 Video Discussion From the video, what are some of the responsibilities pet owners should know about before owning a pet?

12 Activity 1 Pet Activity Pretend you have just adopted a pet (dog or cat) from the Adoption Program at Miami Dade Animal Services. You have been given a chart listing the basic needs for your pet. Using the Pet Care handout, fill in the chart with the information necessary to care for your pet.

13 Activity # 2 Liz wants a dog as a birthday present. Her mom told her if she gets it, she is completely responsible for the care of the dog. Liz gets home from school at 3:45pm. She has 1 hour of homework everyday. She also takes piano lessons for 45 minutes, three times a week and practices for 2 days a week. She likes to watch a show that is one hour long and loves to chat with her friends on line. Liz has dinner with her family at 7:00pm, helps her mom with the dishes, then showers, reads a book and gets ready for bed by 8:30pm. Is Liz ready for this dog?

14 Activity # 3 Answer the True or False questions from the Pets Need handout.

15 Where can you get a pet from?
Local pet store Breeder Humane Society Miami Dade Animal Control Adoption Program

16 Pet Adoption – Miami Dade Animal Services
Consider adoption whenever possible. You will save a life! It is cheaper than purchasing from a breeder or local pet store. Animals need you to give them your love and care!

17 Review – Are you ready for a PET?
Being a responsible pet owner involves providing for all of your pet’s needs: Food, water, shelter, cleaning after it, providing it with exercise, grooming and bathing it, taking it to the vet for check ups and vaccines, making sure your house is safe for your pet, playing with it and giving it love and affection. Some pets have more needs than others, but any pet is a daily responsibility. Getting a pet should be a family decision. Consider adopting a dog or cat if you decide to add a pet to your family. Be a good citizen and be a responsible pet owner by providing for all the needs of your pet! Are you ready for a pet?


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