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Cardiff University April 6, 2011 Simon Parker.

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1 Salesforce @ Cardiff University April 6, 2011 Simon Parker

2 Agenda  University Overview  Salesforce @ Knowledge Transfer Centre  Salesforce @ Centre for Lifelong Learning  Contact information

3 Cardiff University  With over 28,000 students and 6,000 staff, the Cardiff University academic community is the size of a small town.  It is a community with an annual turnover of £429 million.  Research is undertaken in each of the 28 Schools, and at any one time there are more than 1,700 research contracts in operation.  The University has over 5,000 study bedrooms in 14 residences.  Some 8,200 students graduate each year.

4 Knowledge Transfer Centre  KTC Background –Strategic review set the goal of extending knowledge transfer activity across the School –Set up a “School wide” KTC, making more of the School’s expertise and facilities available  KTC Purpose –Help Welsh companies to produce better products and services thereby improving their competitiveness –Stimulate the Welsh Economy

5 Connecting Industry with the KTC Performance Engineering KTC 02920 874 314 SeminarsDemos Networking Events Industry Forums Conferences Direct Marketing Environment Green Communications Talib Mahdi 029 2087 0843 Daniel Mitchard 029 2087 0842 Michael Casbon 029 2087 0841 Simon Parker Centre Director

6 Operational Model Seminars Demonstrations Scoping Discussions Diagnostic Interviews Collaborative R&D Assistance with Innovation and R&D New or improved products, processes or services Investment induced Gross jobs created Performance Indicators Outputs Results

7 System needs  Capture and manage contacts, events, leads  Monitor targets and results  Simple to use  Platform independent  Portable and mobile  Easy to configure and customise  Quick to get up and running

8 The Search  One internal custom CRM system  Explored: –Microsoft solution integrated with Outlook –Highrise –Salesforce

9 Why Salesforce?  Simple – web based, zero setup costs  Easily customised  Pay per person per month  Attractive 80% HE discount  Mobile option  Fujitsu support  Already being looked at by University IT Group

10 Demo



13 Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning Salesforce Migration

14 Centre for Lifelong Learning  Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning co-ordinates, develops and promotes the University’s lifelong learning activities and offers a clear gateway into the University for those unfamiliar with what we can offer.  The Centre provides around 400 Lifelong Learning Courses a year. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provides short courses for business, public sector employers and the individual. We also provide business language training at all levels, including translation services and interpreters.

15 Background  Access database Initially designed as simply a contact management system Difficult to spot duplication Hard to identify contacts from the same organisation No effective tracking of contact made – meetings, mailings etc Difficult to track contacts / run reporting Only one user at a time  Number of different places to store information Enquiries Bookings Financial reporting  Tracking of tasks

16  Investigated a number of different solutions, including: New Access database Microsoft Dynamics Zipporah bespoke system – very expensive Protime – seemed more for SMEs  Decided on Salesforce Used by other areas of the University Multi user, remote access Good price Customisable No need for server to host the system The Search

17 System Needs  Detailed planning ensured that system would meet our requirements: Identifying current processes and sources of information Highlighting areas that worked and areas that could be improved Identifying information currently collected and what could be useful in future Agreeing key reporting metrics  Utilised: Internal planning sessions Externally facilitated sessions Fujitsu Quickstart questionnaire Needed the system to cover both CRM and event management

18 Salesforce Events Attended Enquiries Course Evaluation CPD Network Preparation Checklists for Course Trainer Evaluation Funding spent Reminders / Follow ups Mailings (post and email) Delegate List Post course Finance Checklists Trainer Invoice Information Course Statistics Course bookings Trainer database

19 Demo



22 Contact Simon Parker


24 Resources  Fujitsu SaaS site + webinar recording – higher-education.html  Salesforce Foundation Web site –  Donated licences signup –


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