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Glenn Hastedt, Chair Daisy Breneman, Academic Advisor.

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1 Glenn Hastedt, Chair Daisy Breneman, Academic Advisor

2 JUSTICE is a concept that encompasses the principles of fairness, equity, and right action. Justice is necessary for sustaining and promoting the growth and development of individuals and communities politically, economically, and socially.

3 Liberal Arts program Social sciences and the humanities Interdisciplinary Looking at “puzzles”: rigorous analysis Policy focused Students develop a personal definition of justice

4 A Criminal Justice Major Criminal Justice Minor at JMU, pre-professional focus CRJU programs : applied problems to be solved JUST views justice issues as a general class of social and political problems to be understood; looks at puzzles that have multiple answers depending on perspective Pre Law School Major JMU offers Pre-law as a pre-professional program; students select major from a wide range of fields

5 Core Requirements: Track Requirements Track A: Crime and Criminology Track B: Global Justice and Policy Track C: Social Justice Senior Seminar

6 First semester: JUST 200 Second Semester: Track Foundation Courses Third Semester and Beyond: Upper Level Track Courses Last Two Semesters: Research Methods and Senior Seminar

7 Fairness Standards Rights Responsibilities

8 Focus is on the nature, causes and solutions for crime Provide an understanding of those behaviors that we have defined as criminal or deviant and how we respond to them Primarily focused on U.S. at the national level

9 Explores issues of justice in global context; questions of security, equity and equality Topics covered include international law, national security, war & peace, cross cultural relations, democratization, environmental protection, conflict resolution and human rights

10 Designed to investigate what is fair, equitable and just Deals with oppression and liberation of vulnerable, exploited and marginalized populations; problems such as poverty, discrimination, environmental destruction Promotes sustainable and just solutions to social, political and economic problems.

11 Washington Semester JMU housing Fall for Track A or C; Spring for B or C Internships Detailed information on the Justice Studies website Most do them in the summer Students get their own internships Study Abroad See Office of International Programs

12 Track A: local, state, federal law enforcement (police, Homeland Security, Secret Service, FBI,) Law Track B: federal law enforcement, peace corps, international aid agencies, NGOs Track C: mediation organizations, human services, overseas development organizations *But these aren’t the only possibilities

13 Liberal Arts degree program Not preparing for a specific job Knowledge & critical thinking skills Learn (how) to learn

14 Think about academic and career goals, and what you want your college experience to be Explore, learn more, use resources Where and what feels right What am I going to give back? Engaged University


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