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What do I want to be when I grow up? By Brisa Wordekemper.

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1 What do I want to be when I grow up? By Brisa Wordekemper


3 Outline Career Secondary Education

4 Art Director/Administrator  Art directors oversee the artistic design in advertisements as well as television commercials. They are responsible for the quality of the finished work. They gather a team of photographers, illustrators, and models to create the add. Work Conditions:  Art directors work under constant pressure. There are always deadlines to meet, layouts to deliver to the printer, or commercials that must be taped as soon as possible. To get a magazine out on time, art directors must put pressure on the artists who work for them to finish their work on schedule. Delays in the production of a television commercial can be very expensive, and the art director is ultimately responsible for having everything ready on time and staying until the shooting is finished. There is very little job security in the advertising business. That means frequent job changes can occur at any time. (Occupational Profile)

5 Advantages/Disadvantages Pays enough Over a months vacation Something I love doing Option to work at home ("Salary Explorer Search.") Not a normal 9-5 work hour- Stay on call for clients needs. Competitive field Stressful, pressure

6 Salary/Benefits Salaries for an art director vary widely on their experience and skills. Starting wage: between $40,000-$50,000 Median wage: $63,750 Advanced wage: $80,800 Senior art directors can earn up to $125,000 (“Salary Explorer Search”)

7 It’s a long process to move up to an Art director. You usually start out as an illustrator, photographer, or designer before being moved up to an Art director. Once you’re and Art director you usually work for years before getting the opportunity to advance. A successful art director can become an art supervisor who manages other art directors. They can also move up to Creative Director or president of another advertising agency. (“Art director job description”)

8 COLLEGE ! Southwest University of Visual Arts Main Campus: Tucson, Arizona Second Campus: Albuquerque, New Mexico (

9 Courses Major: Advertising and Marketing With a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Marketing degree you learn how to market products and qualify to work in all public relations. Minor: Graphic Design With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design you learn how to use technology to create designs. This is especially important for becoming an art director because you must know how to use various programs to help create your product. (Deahl)

10 Tuition Tuition is based on credits. $11,472 per term (12-20 credits) $956 per extra credit for part time tuition Cost of Materials: $3,900 (“Admissions”)

11 Requirements Application form/ fee- $25 Official Transcript Act score- 18 or better SAT score- 1010 or better Top 50% of class GPA- 3.2 ***Optional: Encouraged to show a Portfolio Personal Statement- What do you want to accomplish as a result of attending SUVA. (“Admissions)

12 Other Facts Housing The university doesn’t have on-campus housing. However, a list of apartments are kept on file in the Student Services Office. The apartments provide discounts or incentives to Southwest University students (“Student Life”) Jobs The university also assists you in finding a career after graduating. The Placement Department maintains relationships with local and national employers.

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