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Strategic Talent Plan in

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1 Strategic Talent Plan in
Michelin China Julie Chu Nov. 2009

2 Agenda World tire market Michelin introduction Michelin in China
Talent Market in China (Past & Present) Strategic talent plan in Michelin China

3 The world tire market in 2005
Others Bridgestone 21.3% Toyo 1.8% 18.2% Kumho 1.9% Cooper 2.1% 17.7% Michelin Hankook 2.5% Yokohama 2.9% Sumitomo 3.6% 4.5% 17.3% Pirelli 6.3% Goodyear Continental Source : Global Tire Report 2006 (Tire Business daté du 28/08/2006)

4 Tire Market in China Main competitors Bridgestone Good Year Hankook
Local manufacturers

5 Products and Services Earthmover Tire Aviation Tire
Passenger Car And Light Truck Tire Truck And Bus Tire Earthmover Tire Aviation Tire Maps & Guides

6 Multi-Brand Strategy Michelin: The Most Famous Tire Brand in the World, Warrior: The Best Known and Longest Established Local Brand in China, Targeting at Mass Market. BFGoodrich: Originally from the US, Targeting at New-Generation Drivers, Who See Motoring as a Form of Excitement and Expression.

7 Customers Original equipment Vehicle manufacturers for all categories
and all vehicles, from bicycles to huge earthmovers Who are the Michelin Group's original equipment customers? The vehicle manufacturers. What do we provide to these customers? Technical partnership and technical certification.

8 Customers Replacement Distributors Specialist traders Dealers
Auto centers Garages, service stations Supermarkets Our customers are also – and above all – replacement customers. Our products are distributed via various channels: - specialist traders; - dealers; - auto centers; - garages; - service stations; - supermarkets. The companies in the Group use the multi-brand portfolio to offer products and terms adapted to the specific features of the different distribution channels so that they can meet each customer's requirements.

9 Michelin History in China

10 Michelin History in China
1988: Sales Office Hong Kong

11 Michelin History in China
1989: Representative Office Beijing

12 Michelin History in China
12/1995: Joint Venture 1 (MSTC) With STGF Shenyang; 1996: Production of the First Passenger Car Tire; 04/1997: 3 More JVs With STGF Shenyang. 1/1999: Start Truck Tire Production in Shenyang

13 Michelin History in China
1998: Training Centre in Beijing

14 Michelin History in China
4/2001: Set Up a Joint Stock Company With STRC Shanghai Michelin Warrior Tire Co., Ltd.

15 Michelin History in China
12/2002: Set Up Michelin( China) Investment Co.,Ltd.

16 Locations in China Bejing北京 Shenyang沈阳 Xi’an西安 Shanghai上海 Chengdu成都
Hainan Xinjiang Quinghai Tibet Sichuan Yunnan Guangxi Guangdong Hunan Inner Mongolia Gansu Zhejiang Ningxia Shanxi Guizhou Shanghai Fujian Jiangxi Hubei Henan Anhui Jiangsu Liaoning Jilin Heilongjiang Hebei Tianjin Shandong Guangzhou广州 Bejing北京 Shaanxi Shanghai上海 Shenyang沈阳 Hong Kong香港 Chengdu成都 Wuhan武汉 Xi’an西安

17 China Talent Market Past & Present

18 China’s Talent Market Past

19 China’s Talent Market Past

20 China’s Talent Market The Present

21 China’s Talent Market The Present

22 China’s Talent Market

23 One of the Top Priorities for a CEO is Attracting and Retaining top talents
70% of Top 500 Fortune companies is experiencing Talents shortage 92% of companies present in the market is also experiencing a Talents shortage Talents’ Turnover in percentage HRM Challenges in China, by Prof. Serena ROVAI Uni-Italia Intergovernament Centre Anantara LtD

24 Facts sheet of Michelin China SP
More than 5500 employees Double digital growth of headcount in some activities Average Volume: a few hundred hires by year 5% senior management ,5% technical workers and 90% white collars Nearly 50% commercial staff Less than 8% turnover rate among white collar employees

25 Mission Of Service Personnel
People is not a resource, but an asset. Ensure that motivated, responsible and competent people are available where and when they are needed at all times and in all areas of activity. This mission must be fulfilled at the highest level of performance in terms of quality, cost and timeliness.

26 5 Principles of SP Preserve the cohesion of Group Michelin
Seek to establish and manage the best match between the person and the company Develop the international outlook of the individuals and teams The management and development of personnel is a responsibility shared by the person, the manager and the Personnel Service Guarantee and facilitate a means of recourse for everyone Preserve the cohesion of Group Michelin

27 How SP to cope with business growth?
SP = Service Personnel Recruitment Integration Training SP = Strategic Personnel Career development GPC Rewards Engagement & retention

28 Recruitment We don’t only hire for a specific position, we hire people to meet the company’s current and future needs Position fit Cultural fit Development fit Career managers’ involvement in the recruiting process SP reserves a special budget to hire people who may not necessarily be needed at the current stage

29 Integration Process Started since the recruitment stage
Co-managed by the business manager and the career manager Monitoring the key factors to the successful integration Relationship and networking Role clarity Culture Early wins Accelerate learning

30 Career management process
Who is involved? Individual Manager Career Manager Career Manager

31 What is career management?
We manage our people’s potential development Employee’s potential can be assessed Through their performance Through their behaviors and the way to reach the targets Potential characteristics are grouped under 3 headings Driving energy(leg) Thought (head) Leadership(heart)

32 Potential Matrix Driving energy(leg) Thought (head) Leadership(heart)
Ambition Energy Dynamism Adapbility Thought (head) Make sound decision Act strategically Think creatively Leadership(heart) Communication Motivate others Develop others Establish relationship & trust

33 Gestion Previsionnel des Competences
GPC is a continuous and long term focused system to anticipate manpower needs in the coming 5 years It’s integrated into the annual budget process and implemented at country level To make sure critical competence localized and to meet current and future needs on critical competence.

34 How to implement GPC? Population assessment/Metier diagnosis
Succession plan & localization plan Vivier / pepiniere recruitment Overseas training Expatriation

35 Remuneration Philosophy
Market We pay our employees according to market factors. We pay according to job responsibility. Position Performance We pay according to performance results. We pay according to personal competency. Person

36 By doing all the previous mentioned correctly, we can achieve a high level of employee engagement and employee retention

37 Thanks for your attention

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