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Unit 3 Creative Media Sector By Rian Neal 12.02.2013.

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1 Unit 3 Creative Media Sector By Rian Neal 12.02.2013

2 Creative Media TV Radio Film Interactive Media Animation Computer Games Designing Facilities Commercials and Promos Corporate Production Photography Publishing Advertising Fashion & Textiles

3 Creative Media Industries  Film – The company have few of them are very well known as ‘Warner Bros, Pixar, DreamWorks and Columbia Pictures’.  Computer Games – The most well known gaming company are ‘Rockstar Games, Blizzard, Valve and Activision’.  Television – Most TV company on television showing everyday as ‘BBC, ITV, Sky Sports and Film4’.  Print – Have products like ‘Poster, Flyer, Book and most important is Press’ because they report news and adverting.

4  Commercials & Advertising – Commercials and advertising always showing new products everyday but the most same commercials showing everyday is shop like for example ‘Tesco, Adsa, Morrison's and Sainsbury's’.  Fashion & Textiles – Fashion are very popular for women's and men sometime so this showing new clothes everyday or every weeks, the most popular magazine is ‘Cosmopolitan or Vogue’.  Photography – Photography is can be beautiful art because they can take picture but in different way to show more amazing photo like this picture.

5 Ralph H. Baer Ralph H. Baer is the first man create a video game in history, He started to make a first video game in 1966 his product called ‘Brown Box’. Then later he success made a ‘Magnavox Odyssey’ the first home console was release in 1972. Later in 1978-79 he with other people created three popular electronic games, They success made one of game most popular called ‘Simon’ is a electronic pattern – matching game in 1970s and 1980s. Ralph H. Baer is still alive, aged 90.

6 Computer Games Designing What Gaming Designing? Gaming Designing is about making a game by people who in Gaming Designing making new games for to sell in game shop. Gaming Designing have many various jobs inside like for example Designer, Sound Engineer and lots more to do. Gaming Designing can be hard work to do making a game and it got too many of software to use for making a Character, Level area and Weapon. Before After

7 Designer Gaming Designer can making a Character, background and anything made of 3D will need a higher skill of gaming designer so they can do hard math and work longer. Gaming Designer doing design a game and colorings the background, character and also they can making a weapon for character. They can making a Character moving and doing something can be hard work to do for them.

8 Artist Gaming Artist will need very high skill art because so they can drawing picture very clear show what gaming development want for their game and those pictures are amazing skill artist show very clear image for games. Become Gaming Artist can be hard work to so because those art need be very detail showing shadow, light and many various things in the picture. What Artist need to do? Artist will need to drawing Backgrounds, Characters and weapon as well for the game development and showing to game designer.

9 Level Designer Level Designer can designing making game level area for player can stand on and having wars against bad peoples. Level Designer need high skill math's and gaming designer skills to design area level and they make sure every level making more harder and challenge for player. They got to make sure the background is very clear to for player to see round the area in level and making sure no mistake in area that why they need gaming tester for.

10 Sound Engineer Sound Engineer can making a sounds for the game like for example character voice, gun shooting sound, explosion sound and also all of type sound to real life will be in game. Sound Engineer all of those sounds can be made by behind the window called “Sound Room” where people can make a noise to microphone lead to “Sound Mixer Room” where people can record the sound and change it make it more better for game.

11 Tester Gaming Tester is people who want to work for game company they just doing sitting chair and playing their games because the game company want tester to test their game if case bug or crash before release the game. Become Gaming Tester can be boring because what they can do is stay on level area for 1-2 months to testing all round the area and writing down what they think about those game they been playing. No skills needed just who can finish the game like they always do.

12 Skills  Become gaming designer will have to need a higher skill using many type of software and most of jobs need have experience minimum 5 years using software like for example ‘3ds Max or adobe software’.  Most gaming designer will have to need many idea soon as possible and they can be hard work to designing level area, character and weapon if they want it.  And also gaming designer will have a less rest and more work most of games can take a years to make.

13 Skills 2  Concept Artist will needed a higher level art skill because to become Concept Artist need their art work be more detail include shadow, light, very sharp drawing and show good color. Like for example those two picture show very clear and more visual showing what gaming designer to design game from those two picture. Concept Artist can draw an Character, Background and Weapon, they using drawing picture then use the Photoshop or Coral painting software on computer to edit make more better.

14 Gaming Designer Jobs Website I been researching gaming designer jobs website, I found some good website about gaming designer jobs. The website address This website called Games Jobs Direct, In the website have many different type of roles in gaming like for example Game Tester, 3D artist or gaming development. It got many different place in Europe and round the world with many different types of gaming company's.

15 Get to know about Gaming  How to get more information about game? Easy way to research the game on the computer or best way to buy Games magazine.  Because in those magazine have lots of information about gaming designer and what games it will coming out soon.  Also at near end pages of magazine show lots of gaming designer jobs so you can to apply in.  They always have review gaming designer asking them lots of question about their works they been made and designing.

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