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Francisco Pizarro By: Hannah Jablonski.

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1 Francisco Pizarro By: Hannah Jablonski

2 Who was Francisco Pizarro?
He was born in Trujillo, Spain in and was assassinated in 1541 in Lima, Peru. Founded Peru and Lima. Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador who traveled along the Pacific Ocean. Was appointed governor of Peru. He was famous for conquering the Incas.

3 Pizarro’s History Spain wanted more land so they sent Pizarro to conquer the Incas. Francisco Pizarro was from the country of Spain. Pizarro was killed by the Incan ruler’s son. Pizarro Conquered much of South America including Peru, Columbia, and Ecuador. He discovered Panama City while on his first expedition in 1509.

4 Pizarro First Expedition
Pizarro and his army traveled on ships. Pizarro also found the Incan civilization. He looked along the coast for the Incas and didn’t find them. He found the Incas toward the inward part of the land and they attacked him and his men. Pizarro and his crew lost many men and supplies during that battle.

5 Pizarro’s Second Expedition
Pizarro brought a big army and lots of supplies. Pizarro took over the land and destroyed the city. Captured and killed the Incan Ruler Atahualpa. Captured two rooms full of silver and one room of gold. The men that were left traveled down to Lima and Peru where Pizarro was then killed.

6 Interesting Facts Pizarro’s parents were never married but his dad was of the Royal Infantry Captain of Spain. He never went to school and didn’t learn to read so he could not do work that involved an education. After 15 years of herding pigs he moved to the West Indies or what is now Haiti. Pizarro killed Atahualpa and Atahualpa’s son killed Pizarro. He was 66 years old when he died.

7 Samuel de Champlain Mapped much of northeastern North America.
Started a settlement in Quebec. Known as Father of New France. When he was a young boy he learned to navigate ships and became a navel captain. In 1629, he was taken to England as a prisoner.

8 Champlain’s Discovery
Started a settlement in Quebec. Champlain brought 32 people to live in Quebec but only 8 survived the winter. Samuel de Champlain was French and made Quebec a French country. Champlain was made governor of France. Discovered Lake Champlain, near present day New York and Vermont

9 Champlain Interesting Facts
Was governor of New France until he died on Christmas Day. His goal was to find the Northeast Passage. On his ship he used the following: Astrolabes Charts Compasses Cross-staffs Nocturnals Traverse boards Almanacs Telescope His maps were the first maps used in North America. He sailed for France.

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