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MOBILE FIRST WORLD The future of the LMS and Learning.

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1 MOBILE FIRST WORLD The future of the LMS and Learning

2 What is Mobile First in terms of philosophy? ‘Mobile first’ means considering mobile users as a number one priority when developing a website or application.

3 Why Mobile first?

4 Growth in number of mobile users Increase of 250% over 10 years

5 Decline of PCs and growth of tablets Growth and Decline of 8% in Tablets and PCs respectively

6 Mobile Usage patterns On average, users spending 195 minutes each day on mobiles Nearly one-third of time spent on mobile is spent on apps In the US, people spend 34 hours every month of online time on mobile against 26 hours on desktops Video consumption on mobile is increasing

7 Mobile Usage patterns By 2018 more than 50% of users will go to mobile first (smartphone or tablet) for any online activity Mobile and tablets to account for over 50% of online video views by 2015 77 per cent of business executives use mobile devices for researching for new products and services


9 Retail and Ecommerce 50% of traffic in 2014 came from mobile devices Global e-commerce sales made via mobile devices are expected to cross $638 billion by 2018 Amazon and Flipkart will abandon web-browser based shopping soon. App based shopping only New Apps have challenged older web-only or traditional brick & mortar businesses Data from 100,000 Shopify stores

10 Healthcare Better informed patients are forcing doctors to know/learn more or share more By 2017, 50% of smartphone users will download mobile health apps 52% of smartphone users gather health-related information on their phones Mobile Health Apps generate up to 4 million free and 300K paid downloads a day Wearable devices will allow patients real-time diagnostics Healthcare

11 Other Businesses disrupted by Mobile Book Retail – Ebooks on SmartPhones Music – iPods affected CDs and the iPods were affected by SmartPhones Transportation – Uber Hotel Industry - AirBnB Alcohol Home delivery – Drizly Food Home delivery – FoodPanda Healthcare

12 Bottom line - Disruption The Internet and web-based businesses disrupted brick and mortar businesses. A new generation of Apps around SmartPhones and wearable devices centered around our SmartPhones are disrupting web-based businesses. The rate of disruption will be faster and new Apps will make older Apps redundant too!


14 Education and Learning – School, Colleges US: 7+M iPads have been purchased by educational institutions Thailand: By 2015, the government plans to provide 13M mobile devices to students Kenya: a mobile-based educational non-profit Eneza has 100,000 students across 400 schools According to a survey, 47% of adult Americans believe mobile devices have a positive impact on youth education Education for schools and colleges

15 Education and Learning – Continuing Ed, Corporate India: English learning app ‘Hello English’ became the number 1 free educational app on Google Play in 8 months with 1M downloads Leadings players in learning such as Udacity, Coursera and Udemy already have mobile apps Corporate MOOCs – Open courses to train people on skills the organization needs and to extend brand recognition. Corporate Learning


17 Impact on LMS technology LMS’s have have responsive design at least for learners/students - optimum learning experience on each device True mobility - Offline-online Hybrid New LMSes are going to challenge the big boys and old LMSes due to agility As per a survey of 350 corporate learning and development decision makers, 60% plan to upgrade their LMS to ensure device flexibility

18 Impact of market forces and completion New LMSes are coming on despite older LMSes not making money Saba going private Sumtotal being acquired by Skillsoft Pressure from Open Source Companies like Canvas in the Education Space competing with Blackboard, Desire2Learn Companies like Totara disrupting Corporate LMSes Consolidation of LMS players

19 Impact of SaaS on LMS Enterprise LMS >> Talent Management >> Hire to Retire model Buying process for SaaS and cloud VS Enterprise buying process - RFP How do you do SaaS with this level of complexity? To big to go SaaS?

20 Impact of Mobile first on LMS Design, UI/UX

21 80:20 Rule in a mobile first world 80% of the companies end up using just 20% of the features Companies that have focused on features have to dial it down LMS designers need to adapt to ‘less is more’ from a design perspective to adapt to mobile


23 Learning Professionals Change in mindset – Focus on creating learning experiences (formal, informal, social learning, knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer learning, performance support and more agile learning) Greater pressure on Instructional Designers - adapt their courses to a ‘distracted’ mobile audience Teachers are increasingly becoming facilitators

24 Learning Professionals Design Thinking – People centric solutions and thinking beyond the boxes we have seen over the last 2 decades. More emphasis on UI/UX There will be a greater emphasis on mobile-friendly design to provide a valuable mobile learning course. Need for IDs to serious design courses keeping in mind UI/UX

25 Learning Professionals More sharing of knowledge, more openness about best practices, success stories, less boundaries. Two way street. Benefits to the one sharing and the community at large Collaboration can be boosted through mobile-based project management apps


27 Predictions By 2017, global mLearning revenues are expected to touch $12.2 billion In the short term, ‘Mobile First’ will increase adoption of HTML5 and make multi-device courses mandatory In the medium to long term, App-based Learning will emerge faster than expected. Eventually, all mobile learning will be App-based. The Learner side of the LMS will be App-based and limited functionalities for Admin’s, Instructors, Teachers and Managers Mobile app analytics can help in getting smart insights about learner engagement and behavior. (Learning Analytics) Mobiles are considered as the ideal medium for ‘just in time’ learning. Greater emphasis on Performance Support. Learning opportunities based on physical location – QR Code and Location- based Learning Learners can receive reminders and course updates via mobile devices

28 Predictions LMSes will manage formal learning, social learning and even help facilitate on-the-job training and mentorship Formal learning will reduce in terms of the overall mix because of lower attention spans. 70:20:10 framework. Mini-learning or vignettes will become more and more common with faster completion Gamification on mobile to make learning more fun, engaging, convenient. Success will give digital badges instead of certificates Sharing economy and freeium models will impact learning as well – MOOCs Social mobile learning to boost interaction between learners and help in knowledge sharing

29 Predictions The cloud will be the backbone of the LMS and with a mobile front end at least for Learners Cloud-based authoring for a Mobile first world. Responsive and App-based outputs – PhoneGap Build etc. More video based learning with increasingly powerful HD cameras in the palm of your hand.


31 Biggest Challenges Learning & Development and Education Professionals How to keep up with existing workload? How to keep up with the latest trends? How to recognize and pick which to try? How to get the organization to invest in some of these trends? Learning & Development and Education Entrepreneurs How to grow existing business? How to keep up with the latest trends? How to separate trend from Fad? How to time investment in new trends? Now, wait and watch or later?

32 Bottom line 1.Embrace rapid change. Don’t resist! 2.Research, Read, follow – continue to learn 3.Prioritize, have a roadmap – you cannot do everything now 4.Try – Pilot projects, partner with vendors 5.Evolve – as fast as you can afford to* *The risk of being too early!


34 Multiple choice question o Are you going to disrupt? o Are you going to embrace change quickly? o Are you going to embrace change slowly? o Are you going to be disrupted?

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