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©2002 Franklin Covey Co. South Dade Middle School.

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1 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. South Dade Middle School

2 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. History of the 7 Habits  38 Languages  15 Million Copies Sold!  Rated one of the TOP 10 business books of all time by Forbes Magazine.  90 of the Fortune 100 companies train their employees in the 7 Habits Applying the 7 Habits to your life will: 1.Improve your relationships. 2.Help you reduce fear. 3.Become SUCCESSFUL!!!

3 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. 7 Habits Tree Private Victory ® Public Victory ® Renewal 5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood ® 1. Be Proactive ® 2. Begin with the End in Mind ® 3. Put First Things First ® 4. Think Win-Win ® 6. Synergize ® 7. Sharpen the Saw ®

4 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. Leadership starts with me! You can’t LOVE ANOTHER, Until you LOVE YOURSELF.

5 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. Habit 1- Be Proactive Can-Do PeopleNo-Can-Do People Take initiative to Wait for something to make it happen.happen to them. Think about solutions Think about problems and options.and barriers. Act.Are acted upon. Be Proactive (Water) NOT Reactive (Soda)

6 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind Do you live your life by DEFAULT or by DESIGN? Define your mission and goals in life. Control your own destiny or someone else will!

7 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. Habit 3 -Put First Things First Prioritize and do the most important things first. Getting things done requires… Daily planWeekly planGoals Mission Statement

8 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. 8 Your agenda= your tool for planning your success

9 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. Habit 4: Think Win-Win The foundation of getting along well with other people. Think Win-Win is an attitude that says I can win and so can you. Do you believe that there is enough success for all of us, not just you or me, but everyone?

10 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. Habit 5- Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood You have TWO ears and ONE mouth…Hello?!! 10 COMMUNICATION IS… 40% TONE/ FEELING 53% BODY LANGUAGE 7%WORDS 6 Listening Styles 1.Spacing Out 2.Pretend Listening 3.Selective Listening 4.Word Listening 5.Self-Centered Listening (fix) 6.Genuine Listening (feel)

11 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. Habit 6 - Synergize Work together to achieve more! SYNERGY IS…SYNERGY IS NOT… Celebrating differencesTolerating differences TeamworkWorking independently Open-mindednessThinking your always right Finding new and better ways Compromise

12 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. Habit 7 - Sharpen the SAW Heart Body Brain Soul Keep yourself SHARP so you can better deal with life. Pay attention to the following four dimensions of your life

13 ©2002 Franklin Covey Co. Remember… It’s your life You can do anything you want Make the right choice Design your life

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