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Is Medical School Right for Me? Things to Consider Before you Apply.

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1 Is Medical School Right for Me? Things to Consider Before you Apply

2 First, Ask Yourself Why do I want to be a physician? –There are many reasons, some good, some… not so good. Do I know what type of physician I want to be? –There are several to choose from. Do I have the right personality traits? –To be a good physician, you must have the correct mindset. Am I willing to work hard? –The road to becoming a physician is long.

3 Why Do I want to be a Physician? Good Reasons: The desire to help people The desire to make a difference An interest in science and medicine The desire to improve medical practices The desire to do research The desire to save lives A true interest in the well-being of others Not-So-Good Reasons: Money –Money is nice, but it can’t be your only motivator. I just always thought I would –Do you still really want to? Approval –Mom and Dad will still love you. Family Legacy –Grandpa and Aunt Sally are MD’s, so I should be too, right?

4 What Type of Physician Do I Want to Be? There are 3 extremely broad types of physicians: Primary care physicians. –Seen most often, these physicians are often family doctors offering long- term care. Surgeons. –Operate on patients to treat injuries or diseases. Specialists. –Concentrate on one area of study, such as a specific body part, organ, or disease.

5 What Personality Traits Should a Physician Have? Compassion Good Listening Skills An inquisitive mind A love of learning Stamina Patience Strong ethical principles

6 Am I Truly Willing to Work Hard? The road to becoming a physician takes a lot of time and effort. Including: 4 years of medical school (after a 4-year bachelor’s degree) A 1-year internship 3-7 years in a residency program Some subspecialties require an additional fellowship of 1-3 years Continuing education after being licensed

7 Pro’s and Con’s of the Profession Pro’s The ability to help improve people’s lives and well-being. The opportunity to advance medical science and care practices. The respect and gratitude of patients and society at large. The financial benefits. Each day brings something new. Con’s It takes quite a while before you get that diploma. With a lot of education comes a lot of student debt. Social Sacrifices. While in medical school, studying is your priority. Long hours, and being on-call once out of medical school. Dealing with patient loss, due to financial complications or death.

8 Confused Enough? Let me answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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