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Facoltà di Scienze Politiche University of Trieste Faculty of Political Sciences.

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1 Facoltà di Scienze Politiche University of Trieste Faculty of Political Sciences

2 WassaaASSP? The Name: Associazione Studenti di Scienze Politiche Time and place of Birth: Trieste – November 1997 Head Qarter: Universitys Main Building – IV floor c/o Il Gazebo What do we do (statutary mandate): Promote a high level cultural activity among the students, capable in dealing at the same time academic and social moments … which means: stimulate universitys life, enriching it with good tips and events promoted for students, by students.

3 Latest years activities Study Trips 2001: Strasburg – Bruxelles – Bruges 2002: Zagreb – Budapest – Cluj – Ljublijana 2003: Prague – Berlin – Warsaw – Vienna 2004: Zadar – Pristina – Mostar – Belgrade 2005: Bucharest – Skopije – Pristina – Belgrade 2006: Rome

4 Multidisciplinary Conferences Trieste Seminar The Kanun Code Piazza delle Cinque Lune – movie session, meeting the director, discussing the subject (Aldo Moros kidnapping and murder) with multiple experts Le Nuove Brigate Rosse – The New Red Brigades Pakistans Fractures …

5 Conferences and Discussion Meetings with Ambassadors and Diplomats Journalists Historians Italian and Foreign Academics National and International Politics Experts Movies and Theratre Plays Directors... … …

6 Constant Assistance for Students Intenal Network of studies support Erasmus tutoring Help and assistence to study abroad Contacts for Trainingships Updatings and Infoes on post-graduate studies and practices

7 Entertainment and Free Time Inter-associative Tournaments Excursions Partecipation to Cultural Events Organisation of University Parties and, particularly…

8 Gran Ballo dell Università Traditional Spring Gala At Triestes Officers Club Live music Gala dinner Scholarship award And much much more…

9 During the last Academic Year Fall 2005: Study Trip in the Balkans Spring 2006: Study Trip in Rome Conference with Marco Nobili (Italian General Consulate of Split - HR) Conference with Sergio Romano (Former Abassador, Historian, Juornalist) VI Edition of the Gran Ballo dellUniversità

10 Partecipation of our Members to Summer Schools United Nations Models NATO Conferences International Seminars e Conferences Taking them to… Iceland, Turkey, Finland, Latvia, Russia, France, Germany, Danmark, Portugal, Netherland, Belgium, Spain, UK, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Switzerland, USA,…

11 Our Next Future Implementation of the tutorial structures towards the first year student and the foreign studnts: Progect Welcome Week Awarding of Association Activeness with ECTS Credits Annual Academic Conference (in association with IAPSS): Non Violence – History, politics, Rights, International Value? Asburgic Study Trip: Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia Strengthning of academy-students network Continuity in the partecipation of our memebers in conferences, seminars and other various international events

12 Our Partners Università degli Studi di Trieste CSIUT (Consortium for the international development of the Unversity of Trieste) ERDISU (Ente regionale per il Diritto Allo Studio Universitario – Regional Students Union) Region Friuli Venezia Giulia Province of Trieste Town of Trieste Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Trieste

13 ASSPs Network Associazione Scienze Politiche Italia since 2003 As founding member

14 Contacts Chairperson: Daniele Cenda Tel: +39 328 3617022 E-mail: Deputy Chair: Giulia Facchin Tel: +39 329 7445939 E-mail:

15 Join & Enjoy ! TRIESTE WELCOME TO

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