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Ing. Luca Baglivo, Ing. Alberto Fornaser Department of Structural Mechanical Engineering, University of Trento

2 Labview Basics Graphic programming language (GPL) like Simulink
Simple calculations friendly, complex calculations very unfriendly (must use math scripts) Complex GUIs and logic are prototyped in a flash Most powerful things: Instrument management Huge ready-to-use libraries Fast prototyping, expecially for Real Time multithreading and multicore

3 Labview Basics Front panel and Block diagram
Input output: controls and indicators Setting default values makes your life easier Array 1-D creation and management Structures: while , for , case , sequence Running a VI and debugging Exercise 1.1 Generate a commanded circular path

4 Labview Basics Shift registers, derivative, integration
Examples : blinking led digital filter on a step input Plotting: graphs and charts Example : visualize the commanded path Exercise 1.2 Generate a sinusoid, visualize its derivative and integral

5 Labview Basics Create subVIs as functions Exercise 1.3 Matrices
Create a subVI for the path planning and give it your own icon. Use it with input parameters. Matrices Exercise 1.4 Fit a cloud of noisy points on a line using a pseudoinverse matrix Local and global variables

6 Labview Basics Examples developed in this course at:


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