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Adoption By: Lakeia Young Pd. 4. How many people have been adopted or knows anyone who has been adopted?

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1 Adoption By: Lakeia Young Pd. 4

2 How many people have been adopted or knows anyone who has been adopted?


4 My Reasons: Inform Good reason Incouragment


6 Facts: Only 2 out of 5 children actually search for there biological parents. Even adopted children who feel positive about their adoption experience, can face a variety of emotions as they become teenagers. It is made impossible for natural parents of adopted children to get news of their children. Once the natural mothers signed off for their children to be adopted there is no way to find them.

7 Not All Adopted Children Are Happy Some adopted children think they are worthless because they feel like why would anyone want them if their own parents didn’t.

8 Background on Adoption Adoption was not legally recognized in the United States until the 1850’s. People adopting children of a different race has since become a big issue. Beginning in the last decades of the twentieth century, overseas adoptions became increasingly common.

9 Despite the objections, it is beneficial for an adopted child to meet their biological parents.

10 Pros on Adoption Adopted children will learn that everything in life is not fare. When a child gets to know her birth parents, she also begins to understand her place in the universe.

11 Continuing Pros Old wounds will be healed Deal with stress Curiosity


13 Cons on Adoption Children may be to young at the time to know why their parents gave them up. Sometimes its because of drugs, unstable homes or because they were abused.

14 Continuing Cons They might figure out that their parents just didn’t want their child. To much stress can be unhealthy for a child. Finding birth parents also causes a major disruption in the lives of everyone involved.

15 Types of Adoption Foster Child Adoption International Adoption Closed Adoption Relative Adoption Open Adoption

16 International Adoption

17 Foster Child Adoption

18 Closed Adoption

19 Relative Adoption

20 Has anyone been in any of these situations or knows anyone who has?

21 Interview Describe your experience with adoption. She has always known she was adopted so therefore it wasn’t a good or bad experience. Have you ever tried to find your birth parents? Yes and no. She just wanted to know about her, not where or how she was. Would you go meet with her if she wanted to? Yes. Just to get answers. How do you feel about your birth family? The people she considers “family” are not mentally related to her.

22 Conclusion Everyone who ever looked for there parents and didn’t find them. Even people who haven’t yet been told they were adopted. They should know that they still have a chance and hope is still out there. Also they should understand that there are people who care about what they are going through.

23 Questions Why did I choose this topic? What did I learn from my senior project? If I could do something differently what would it be?

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