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 Have the ability to understand a situation quickly and make judgments  Have the ability to manage many programs at one time  Be skilled in planning.

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2  Have the ability to understand a situation quickly and make judgments  Have the ability to manage many programs at one time  Be skilled in planning and dealing with complex financial matters  Have the ability to provide leadership to a wide variety of persons in many capacities  Have expertise to balance the interests of patients, medical staff, a board of directors, and government agencies  Have tenacity for details and follow through  Have strong public relations skills

3 Nursing home administrators plan, organize, direct, and control the operations of a nursing home or other long-term personal care facility, using policies established by the owner of the facility or its governing board. Nursing home administrators work under the supervision of a proprietor or governing board in small facilities Administrators coordinate all aspects of the institution with the assistance of an administrative assistant. Administrators usually assign responsibility for routine tasks to assistant administrators.

4  Most nursing home administrators work in offices located in the nursing homes.  Others work in the business offices of large nursing home corporations that manage several facilities.

5  Minimum of a bachelor's degree in healthcare administration.  Most nursing home administrators have master's degrees in long- term care administration, health services administration, public health or business administration.  A typical program may result in a Master of Science in Health Administration degree. Courses may focus on business skills:  Leadership, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior and financial affairs as they relate to healthcare. Students also learn about health law, healthcare information systems and medical statistics.

6  Insures that such individuals are suitable and qualified to serve in such positions.  120-hour approved program of study, practical experience in administration of a nursing home or related health facility and supervised training of 1,000 hours.  Nursing Home Administrators must also pass Pennsylvania and national exams.  To maintain licensure, Nursing Home Administrators in Pennsylvania must have 48 hours of nursing home continuing education biennially.

7  Previous experience in health care, human resources, management and medical technology  Examples of relevant work experience include: › management position in a health-related environment › nursing home employment, such as accounting or customer service positions › sales and marketing jobs in a residential care facility › volunteer work in a nursing home

8  In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the median salary: $98,135  Averages about $70,000 per year  Range as high as $90,000 to $100,000 annually  The median expected salary in the United States is $89,932. Income varies, depending on:  Credentials  Location  Type of facility  Years of experience

9  Worked in long term care for two years and will continue in my department until I graduate  I love working with the geriatric population  In the future the “baby boomers” will be in high demand  I want to make a difference

10  1. How long have you been in your role? › 2.5  2. How many hours do you work per week? › 40 plus  3. How many employees do you manage? › 240-250  4. What would you say is the best route for me to travel in order to land a job in this profession? › Meeting educational requirements › Seek experience in long term care management › Assistant administrator  5. Are you apart of any professional organizations? › Pennsylvania Association of Directors of Nursing › Leading of Ages Community-senior non profit

11  6. How do you stay abreast of industry changes? › Via email › Networking › Conferences › Attending seminars › Reading current websites/ magazines › Learn about the benefits of Medicare and Medicaid  7. What is the most challenging part of your job? › Trying to get the most and best out of the employees  8. What is the leadership/management structure in your department or organization? › Administrators- report to director of maintenance. nursing, dietary, medical records, social services, activities, and house keeping

12  9. Do you attend many meetings? › Statistics and cordially meetings to quality assurance program › Ex. infection control in each department, discussing their area and how to improve the percentage › Marketing meetings › Safety team › Resident meeting to discuss their needs and wants › Care team- resident in transition to be in skilled nursing department › Executive meeting with human resource discuss the Simpson House as a whole › Vendors to discuss wifi  10. If there is any advice you could provide me with regarding the profession, what would it be? › Pay attention to managers and gain experience whether they are right or wrong › Be fair and consistent › Learn as much as you can › Find a good leader to monitor as a mentor


14  http://assistedliving.about. com/od/nursinghomes/p/B ecoming-A-Nursing-Home- Administrator.htm http://assistedliving.about. com/od/nursinghomes/p/B ecoming-A-Nursing-Home- Administrator.htm  http://education- administrator.html http://education- administrator.html  http://www.healthcareersi administration/nursing- home-administrator.php http://www.healthcareersi administration/nursing- home-administrator.php  ywizard/Nursing-Home- Administrator-Salary- Details-Philadelphia- PA.aspx?&hdcbxbonuse=o ff&isshowpiechart=false&iss howjobchart=false&isshows alarydetailcharts=true&issh ownextsteps=true&isshowc ompanyfct=true&isshowab outyou=true  r/120-hour-nursing-home- administration-program/

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