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From China to the World Jean-Guillaume HERVÉ & Élodie TRY.

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1 from China to the World Jean-Guillaume HERVÉ & Élodie TRY

2 Summary I/ Presentation of Haier 1. Customers 2. Suppliers 3. Competitors 4. Key success factors II/ Haier’s international strategy 1. First steps out of China 2. Europe 3. US 4. Recommendations 5. Conclusion

3 Presentation of Haier Founded in 1984 (Zhang Ruimin) Chinese producer Household appliances market 2009’s turnover: RMB124 billion a top-leading company240 subsidiaries 30 design centersPlants all around the world > 50 000 employees DIDIE

4 Customers From 160 countries over the world

5 Suppliers 840 suppliers (71% international) 44 out of Fortune 500 businesses Win-win strategic partnerships Active involvement (design, development) DIDIE

6 Competitors Source: Euromonitor International JG

7 Key success factors Adaptation Technology Consumer satisfaction Quality control Efficient distribution Efficient supply chain DIDIE

8 Haier’s international strategy Growth slowdown in China (nineties)...... leads to hunt new growth areas! Will to focus on difficult markets From niche products to mass-market Staff with local DIDIE

9 First steps out of China JVs to explore foreign markets Contract manufacturer for multinational brands 1995: first chinese company to engage in FDI (plant in Indonesia) From 1997 to 2005: Europe, USA, Middle East, Africa, New Zealand... JG

10 Implementation in Europe 1997: implantation in Europe (plant in Belgrade) from «Liebherr» to «Haier» Headquarters: Italy then France Distribution centers: Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands Huge market size Think global, sell local Distribution channels Consumers preferences: very different. JG

11 Implementation in the US Localization strategy: - design center in Los Angeles - marketing center in New York - products factory in Camden, South Carolina Focus on niches: - compact refrigerator - wine storage -... Partnerships with U.S. retailers (Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Best Buy...) Chinese products made in America by Americans! DIDIE

12 Recommendations Build brand equity Strenghten public awareness Communicate on the new «made in China» Image of high-quality & ecological-friendly products International rankings JG

13 Conclusion First chinese brandHousehold appliances moving abroad EuropeUSA Localized strategies High-qualityDesign Focus on consumer needs « made in China » DIDIE

14 Thank you for your attention ! JG

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