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The University of Kent Careers and Employability Service Bioscience Careers Bruce Woodcock.

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1 The University of Kent Careers and Employability Service Bioscience Careers Bruce Woodcock

2 What can I do with a Kent Bioscience Degree?


4 Biomedical Scientists Work in hospital and related laboratories - Blood Transfusion Service and veterinary laboratories. Provide analytical and advisory services to clinicians and other professionals, Few jobs are now advertised! Must inquire at local hospitals: get unpaid experience/project work Sign up for email alerts to be notified of trainee BMS vacancies on the NHS Jobs website Can also get a laboratory assistant post via NHS Jobs and work your way up Vacancy website Talk to course lecturers from William Harvey & other local hospitals about jobs with them.

5 STP – Scientists Training Programme - NHS Work in a hospital while completing a (fully paid for) Masters degree part-time. Tasks include: Planning and organising work in clinical labs. Organising tests on patient samples Advising clinicians and GPs on use of tests and interpretation of results. Carrying out R&D as well as evaluation and quality assessment of diagnostic tests. Developing new and existing tests.

6 STP – Scientists Training Programme - NHS Clinical Biochemistry Clinical Microbiology Clinical Cytogenetics Immunological Scientists Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Entry via the Scientist Training Programme (STP) Closing date normally February.

7 SCIENCE JOBS - more about these tomorrow! Research & Development Clinical Scientists Pharmacologist & Toxicologist Production & Quality Assurance Regulatory Affairs Clinical Research Associate/Monitor Information Scientist Medical Sales Representative Patent Examiner Patent Agent Scientific Administrator Medical Communications and Science Writing Bioinformatics

8 Degree Class Percentages Medical Sales Teaching Research PhD Science Technician

9 One third of graduate jobs accept any degree subject. BECAUSE: Learn new skills quickly Analyse & solve problems Communicate well Open to new ideas, adaptable and flexible “Managers of change” Accountancy Computing Teaching Marketing and Sales Retailing Social Work Personnel NHS Management 26% of Kent Bioscientists get jobs outside science


11 Chartered Accountancy Take any degree subject provided you have done careful research Need good A Level grades – about BBB minimum Need good maths – about GCSE grade A minimum Lots of jobs – PWC alone take 1,000 graduates a year 3 years demanding study for professional exams: 12 hours per week in evenings and at weekends BUT paid £25,000 salary On qualification £40,000 ++

12 Computing Firms such FDM will take graduates from any subject with good analytical skills and a strong interest in IT and train you in software development Or can do an MSc Computer Science at Kent Or MSc in Bioinformatics Big shortage of good programmers in UK so excellent salaries and opportunities

13 Digital Marketing Huge growth in jobs but few graduates know about it! (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation Google Analytics Social media - Facebook/Twitter Viral marketing Any degree subject with an interest in IT

14 IBM Mentoring Scheme IBM are mentoring first-year students looking to do a placement as part of their degree or second year students considering life after University. Mentors are Kent graduates and interns. You can be studying for any degree and don't need advanced computing skills. Why? IBM is keen to encourage students to consider their careers sooner. We want to make students aware of how competitive today’s job market is and give them guidance on how best to promote themselves. This will give them the best chance of applying not just to our schemes but other employers’ too. The scheme also provides a fantastic chance for students to improve and enhance their skillsets before they begin applying. It is a virtual mentoring scheme where the majority of contact with students is either via email, telephone or by Skype. The scheme will run between January and April. If you would like an IBM mentor please email with a copy of your CV and an answer in not more than 200 words to the following question in the next week. "How would you benefit from having an IBM mentor and why should you be selected for this scheme rather than other students who apply". The students with the best answers will be selected to take part in the scheme. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of acceptance. More details are at

15 CHOOSING A CAREER Prospects Planner: powerful career choice program Choosing a career web pages Information on many different careers


17 WHAT SKILLS DO BIOSCIENTISTS NEED? - GSK Presentation skills Teamworking Computing Skills Time Management/organising skills People skills Report writing/documentation of experiments Laboratory experience Problem solving skills


19 VACATION WORK Science internships Science Recruitment Agencies Speculative CVs to firms in your area Vacancy database:

20 If you can’t get a science placement ……… Do something outside science that develops your teamworking/organising/ problem-solving skills BUNAC Summer work in the USA, Canada, Australia, Jamaica and Camp America Camp Counsellors USA and Work Experience USA CIEE work experience in the USA, Canada, Australia and

21 Moodle Careers Employability Award Much lower unemployment rate for graduates who completed the award last year

22 Moodle Careers Employability Award 14 Quizzes: need 75% to pass but allowed unlimited attempts Complete 3 of the following seven assignments Employability skills quiz Employability skills quiz: drag & drop How to develop the skills employers want? Test your spelling and grammar! What makes you happy at work? How commercially aware are you? Special interests topic lesson Interview preparation Practice interview What are the most common interview questions? Aptitude tests and assessment centres CV quiz CVs and covering letters: drag & drop quiz Career planning drag and drop quiz Analyse your skills and learn how to make top quality applications Do you want to live to work or work to live? Researching careers Choosing a career Submit a CV Social media Action planning DX_CEADX_CEA Careers Employability Award (2014/15)

23 Other points I will send you careers emails every Monday afternoon in term time on vacation work, internships, careers talks, etc. Get actively involved in university life so you have evidence of teamwork, organising, leadership etc. skills for your CV. Apply early in your final year – closing dates are often in the first term GSK/AstraZeneca typically October/November.

24 Bruce Woodcock Deal with all Bioscience students An adviser is on duty for short (15 minute) consultations in the Careers and Employability Service any weekday morning 10.30- 12.30 or afternoon from 2 pm to 4 pm. You don't need an appointment to see the duty adviser at these times. Just ask at Careers Reception to see them. Email: Can book an interview with me at Careers reception (01227 823299) – after these talks have finished! These are the final careers talks I shall be giving you during your degree! Tomorrow: Careers in Science 10 am GLT1

25 Location of the Careers Service Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays including vacations. The Careers Web Site is available 24/

26 Next lecture: information on all the main careers in science open to you

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