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Famous Museums and Galleries In the UK and Kazakhstan

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1 Famous Museums and Galleries In the UK and Kazakhstan
8 grade

2 Aims: To introduce pupils with the leading Museums and galleries of GB and Kazakhstan; to practice listening for specific information; to teach pupils to work creatively and to express their opinions about museums and galleries; to revise Present and Past perfect continuous

3 What is museum? «It is an organization which works on collecting, keeping and exhibiting everything what has historical value. These may be monuments, masterpieces of art, pictures, machines, scientific collections and so on. There are a lot museums in the world. They are different – historical museums of regional ethnography, art galleries, zoological, museums devoted to famous writers, poets, scientists, well – known people. Some of them are leading, others unknown. But all are interesting. The leading centers are Rome, Moscow, London, St. Petersburg, Paris, Greece. What can you see in museums? You can see manuscripts, first editions, historical documents, sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs, own clothes and things of famous people and others».

4 National Gallery The National Gallery- it is a collection of great masterpieces from Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th century to Van Gogh’s of the 19th century

5 Questions: Where is the National Gallery situated?
When it was founded? What collection is it famous?

6 National Portrait Gallery
The national Portrait gallery- was founded in 1856 to collect the portraits of famous British men and women.

7 Tate Gallery The Tate gallery-Modern collection of sculpture 20th century and paintings of British painters

8 Questions: How many original portraits and photographs in National Portrait Gallery? What do you know about Tate Gallery?

9 The British Museum The British Museum- was founded in It was a repository of books, art treasures, natural history specimens covering different periods, countries.

10 Two departments of the British Museum

11 Victoria and Albert Museum
Victoria and Albert- it is a interesting place with paintings, sculpture, ceramics textile

12 The Science Museum The Science Museum - presents collection of science, technology and medicine

13 Central State Museum Central State Museum- founded, was, it,1931, in Almaty

14 Kasteevs Museum Kasteevs Museum of arts- 1935, founded, in, Art, national, Kazakhstan, Gallery.

15 State Museum of popular Musical Instruments
State Museum of popular Musical Instruments – instruments, musical, Kazakh , regions , all from.

16 Zhambyl Zhabaev Literary Museum
Zhambyl Zhabaev Literary Museum devoted, is, Kazakh, akyn, famous.

17 The State Book Museum The State Book Museum- exhibition ,history, the, shows, Kazakh, of, writing, book, and printing.

18 Geology Museum Geology Museum Of the Academy of Science – demonstrates, It , of natural, resource, underground, stones, and, Kazakhstan ,of,

19 Do you know that? 1.The British Museum’s collection of books is the richest collection in the world: it has 13 million volumes. 2.The British Museum’s present home was built between 1823 and 1850 in the Greek style. 3. The famous English painter Gainsborough was fond of music and filled his house with all kinds of musical instruments, which he could play rather well. 4. The Geology Museum of the Academy of Science includes a shop selling jewelry, fragments of ancient rocks, precious and semi-precious stones. 5 A lot of works of art are bought by private collectors. This is a real disaster for museums and picture galleries which can not pay as much money as the private collectors. This may be reason why many works will be lost for the public forever if the owners do not decide to exhibit them.

20 Present perfect Continuous Tense
Have\ has been V+ing I know my friend . I – ( know) him \her for a long time. My friend is learning German. He- (learn) for 5 weeks. I have a car. I- (have) this car for a year. Since when have you been studying at this school? For how long have you been studing

21 Past Perfect Continuous Tense Had been V +ing
Jill (study) English for five years before she visited the USA. It was late night when he realized that he ( work) with computer for 5 hours. Mrs. Thompson ( waited )for 3 quarters of an hour before the secretary came.

22 Conclusion. Giving marks Giving home task .

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