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International Study and Service Abroad The Epiphany School of Global Studies.

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1 International Study and Service Abroad The Epiphany School of Global Studies

2 Summer Study Abroad through CIEE  Many destinations- abroad/programs/ abroad/programs/  Scholarship opportunity – Global Navigator Scholarship through CIEE Scholarship opportunity

3 CIEE Study abroad- Year  Year long programs with the same school calendar we have  China, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Japan  Live with a family and attend a local high school  Costs vary  abroad/students/ abroad/students/  Questions?- Call Carrie Palleschi- 207-553-4232

4 How does it work??  Your CIEE advisor would look at which credits and courses you need  Go abroad and take classes  When you return, CIEE does translations for grades  Most courses should transfer  Possibility that you would have to take a few online classes when you return or in the summer

5 CBYX- Year long scholarship to Germany  For students 15-18.5  August- June  Attend a German school and live with a German host family  Participate in orientation and 3 week language camp at beginning of program  50 students from the US  DEADLINE is December 19 th   US State Department Program  Questions? Contact Julia Littlefield at 207-553-4125

6 YES Year long scholarship  Study for one year in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Phillipines, South Africa, Thailand, or Turkey   Deadline is January 7 th  US State Department Program

7 Study at Prepa UDEM  Partner school with Epiphany  4 year relationship of classroom projects  One-to-one exchange  Pay Epiphany tuition  You stay in the home of a student, and that student comes to stay with your family  Great school! Very similar to Epiphany  Safe, affluent area of Mexico outside of Monterrey  English website: s/Prepa.aspx?VarEN= s/Prepa.aspx?VarEN See Mrs. Dodd if you are interested!!

8 Rotary ESSEX student exchange  3-6 weeks in the summer  You visit another country and live with a family  Then, your new “brother” or “sister” comes back to visit you for 3-6 weeks  Economical- cost of flight, insurance, and application fee only   Contact your local Rotary Club

9 Countries for ESSEX Austria  BelgiumBrazil Canada  Colombia Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador England Finland France Germany Hungary Iceland Italy Mexico Poland  SpainSweden Switzerland Taiwan The Netherlands Turkey Venezula

10 United Planet  Short and long term volunteer programs in over 40 countries  1 week to 1 year  Unforgettable service opportunities 

11 Broadreach  Wide variety of summer study abroad opportunities  programs-for-high-school-students.asp

12 Where There Be Dragons  Gap year, summer, and semester programs  Adventure and service learning- off the beaten path! 

13 Many, many other options 

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