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My name is ****** Background with AFS

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1 1-800-AFS-INFO

2 My name is ****** Background with AFS
Studied abroad or hosted students from *****

3 Study Abroad changed my life.
Through this experience I gained: Independence Language Connections Direction Appreciation Independence Language, Confidence Life-long connections and exchange More focus on my studies, new career paths Best of both worlds: perspective, criticism and appreciation of new country and home

4 AFS Mission Statement: more just and peaceful world
The History and Mission of AFS AFS Mission Statement: AFS-USA works toward a more just and peaceful world by providing international and intercultural learning experiences to individuals, families, schools and communities through a global volunteer partnership. AFS began in WWI and WWII with Volunteer ambulance drivers, who transported wounded soldiers. Following WWII, AFS International Scholarships were established, to support international youth exchange.

5 What’s for breakfast?

6 Argentina

7 Tofu, seaweed, rice and miso soup

8 Italy

9 Chicken, rice, beans, boiled egg

10 New Zealand

11 Ghana

12 Daal and yogurt India

13 What is culture? This is where we brainstorm a list of key culture elements - first American, then in general - if we were to compare two cultures.

14 The Iceberg Concept Greetings Clothing Food Language
Concept of time Family relationships Concepts of justice and truth Concept of self Need for rules Importance of education Roles and status by age, gender, class, occupation To fill in the blanks

15 AFS offers . . . 60+ years of history and is the largest exchange organization The widest selection of programs A supportive network of volunteers to help you in the US, and while you are abroad Orientations throughout process

16 Why become an AFSer? Learn about culture, first-hand!
Gain a new perspective Stand out on college applications Learn a new language You will have the adventure of a lifetime! You will make friends from around the world

17 AFS Today AFS offers more
than 120 year, semester and summer programs to more than countries to high school students.

18 Study Abroad with AFS Europe Asia/Pacific Latin America Africa Europe
Austria Belgium Czech Rep. Denmark Finland France Asia/Pacific China India Japan Thailand Latin America Argentina Brazil Chile Costa Rica Ecuador Honduras Panama Paraguay Peru Africa Ghana South Africa Europe Germany Hungary Iceland Italy Netherlands Norway Portugal Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey

19 The right program for you
SUMMER 4-8 weeks Options: Homestay, language study, community service GAP Programs Year, semester and summer For high school grads Academic or community service programs YEAR Complete immersion About 10 months Become fluent SEMESTER Works for busy students About 6 months Learn a language

20 AFS Requirements Age for high school programs, 18 and older for Gap-year programs GPA 2.8 Language Very few programs have requirements Good health physically, mentally and emotionally to ensure the safety of participants, and a positive experience Open to new experiences and ready for new challenges

21 Host with AFS Bring culture to your doorstep, without having to travel
Support another student and share your culture as they adjust to living living in the US You don’t need to host in order to study abroad – but you CAN do both! Make a lifelong friend to visit abroad in the future

22 What next? Visit Check out
Sign up for an Online Info Session Join ‘Ask an AFSer’ on Facebook Talk to your parents Just apply!

23 Connecting lives, sharing culture

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