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Written by Troy Hicks Presentation by: Amanda Mikrut, Lindsey Victor, Kevin Harris.

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1 Written by Troy Hicks Presentation by: Amanda Mikrut, Lindsey Victor, Kevin Harris

2 Your Experiences What are some ways that you could use technology in a writing workshop? –Have you seen any technology used? What are some benefits that including technology would have in a writing workshop? –Drawbacks?

3 Overall Benefits Creates new challenges and opportunities Allows for more feedback for each student Work goes beyond classroom Keeps track of all of your work Benefits diverse learners Easier way for teacher to track progress

4 MAPS M- Mode M- Media A- Audience P- Purpose S- Situation for the Writer S-Situation of the Writing

5 Mode Genre of the text Paragraphing (Print) Time (Video)

6 Media The way the text is presented Paper with print or handwriting (Print) TV, DVD, Web-Based Sharing (Video)

7 Audience Those most likely to receive the work Mostly in class publication (Print) Public performance or digital sharing (Video)

8 Purpose What the writer wants to accomplish Thesis statement (Print) Implicit rather than overt (Video)

9 Situation for the Writer Preference, strengths, weaknesses Formal vs. Informal (Print) Type of media (Video)

10 Situation of the Writing Demands, deadlines, collaboration partners Meeting academic guidelines while being creative and original (Print) Technology skills (Video

11 Blogs Create a single location for authors work Ability to interact with others Conferring outside of classroom Used for posting –Rough drafts, final drafts, responses, etc.

12 Blogs Examples: –Edublogs: –Class Blogmeister: Free! Teachers can access more student work than in classroom

13 Social Bookmarking Save links to web pages that we want to remember and share –Take your favorite websites with you Use in Class: –Students are constantly moving between computers –Easy to cite sources –Teachers can set up to deliver helpful links –Group inquiry projects

14 Podcasts Blending voice, music, and sounds MP3/MP4 Distributed through RSS feeds or MP3 players 2011/01/audacity-help 2011/01/audacity-help

15 Podcasts Benefits students who struggle with reading Publication outside the classroom walls Learn textured composition

16 Wikis Anyone can edit Saves work each time you edit Multiple ways for feedback Quick and easy editing and conferring

17 Wikis Examples: –Wikispaces: –Wetpaint: –Pbworks: Shows history Easy access outside of classroom Collaborative writing

18 Digital Storytelling Combines voice, video, image and text oes oes Taps into existing visual, technological, and writing skills

19 RSS Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary Allows readers to subscribe to web content like a magazine Set up feed reader- websites send you information instead of having to search for it

20 RSS Continued Use in Class: –Students can chose topics that interest them –Silent reading time –Can include social networks, blogs, news, etc. –Builds students skills as researchers and peer responders –Students can see expectations for quality writing in various genres –Continual pursuing of topics

21 Digital Publications Digital Portfolio Blogfolio Digital Anthology Audio Anthology

22 Assessments within the Digital Writing Workshop What are we assessing? –“The tools themselves, should not be the focus of the assessment.” (Hicks 104) “When students are writing for real audiences and purposes, there are real reactions and consequences for them as writers.” (Hicks 107)

23 Formative Assessments Writers discuss the process –In digital writing- drafts upon drafts Use MAPS Commenting on drafts Holding conferences **All happens during the process**

24 Summative Assessment After the process Use the 6 traits Online portfolios –Not judging one piece It’s the letter grade on final **We need to account for both the process and the product**

25 Conclusions: Creating a Digital Writing Workshop “Regardless of how digital we think our students are, they do not necessarily possess the capacities that make them critical and creative writers.” Logistical concerns Physical space

26 Applying to our Blogs How did you choose the three clips that you put into our class blog? How might they benefit other readers of the blog?

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