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Market Research Methods in Travel and Tourism

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1 Market Research Methods in Travel and Tourism
BTEC Travel and Tourism

2 Why Do Market Research? Market research is commonly seen as finding out if a product or service will be successful But there is more to it than that Market research can have many different purposes

3 Research Purposes To identify customer needs and then meet those needs
To learn about customer attitudes and values To help develop products and services that meet identified needs

4 Research Purposes To discover sales trends
To find out about competitors’ activities To measure the effectiveness of promotional activity To classify customers into groups or types

5 How Is It Done? Unique research that uses surveys, interviews and questionnaires to find out about markets This is known as ‘primary’ research Using existing information such as internal or external records and statistics to learn more about markets This is called ‘secondary’ research

6 Why Use Different Methods?
Each different method has its advantages and disadvantages Each may only be appropriate in certain circumstances Users need to work out if the method is right for them according to its cost, reliability, validity, accessibility and the time it will take to gather

7 What Now? Go to the Activity that accompanies this Presentation to find out more about how market research is used in the travel and tourism industry

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