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Ancient Egypt Pyramids

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1 Ancient Egypt Pyramids
By Orlando Garcia December 10, 2014 UCSF

2 Fun Facts About Pyramids
There are about 80 pyramids in Egypt. These 80 pyramids were all hand made. It took weeks and sometimes months to built these pyramids. It also took a lot of people also to make these pyramids. They had men push the stone blocks to where they are building the pyramid ,but then they realized that having an animal to do this would be much easier. Most of these pyramids were over 200 feet tall. The smallest pyramid was called the Step Pyramid and it was about 64 meters tall and the tallest pyramid was The Great Pyramid and it stands around meters or 481 feet tall.

3 Why were the Pyramids Built
There are many reasons of why the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids of Egypt. One reason was because it represents the first land they found in the beginning of time, this land was called Ben-Ben. Another reason is so the dead Pharaohs could climb to the sky and live for ever. The third reason was to represent the sun’s rays. The most reasonable answer of why the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids was so they can put their Pharaohs and the Pharaoh's Queens in them. They were basically tombs for famous people in Ancient Egypt.

4 How the Pyramids were Built
The Ancient Egyptians would do layer by layer. When it got to high they would then make earthen ramps. Then they continued doing layer by layer and made the earthen ramp get bigger each time they needed to go higher. These earthen ramps took the form of the inclined plane at the beginning of the work.

5 The Great Pyramid The Great Pyramid is one of the largest and best preserved pyramid ever built. This pyramid is located in Giza. The Great Pyramid is well known for its length and size. This pyramid’s base is in between 693 and 765 feet. This pyramid is 481 feet or meters. This pyramid was built for a Pharaoh named Khufu.

6 The Step Pyramid The Step pyramid was the very first pyramid that was built. It is also the shortest and smallest pyramid that the Ancient Egyptians ever built. It was built in Sakkara by Imhotep for the king Djoser. It is only six layers high and the layers is a reason why they named it The Step Pyramid. This pyramid is only 64 meters tall.

7 Pictures of Pyramids The Great Pyramid The Step Pyramid

8 Conclusion All in all, Doing research about the pyramids in Egypt that were built by the Ancient Egyptians was easy but hard to do. I learned a lot about the pyramids in Ancient Egypt and some reasons why they built them. I hope you learned what I learned about the pyramids in Egypt and why they were built. For more information about the pyramids in Egypt you can look at my bibliography for the sites that have good information about the pyramids in Egypt.

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