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Fifa 14 is created by EA Sports which is an electronic arts video games company who only create sports games where they mimic and try to create the games.

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2 Fifa 14 is created by EA Sports which is an electronic arts video games company who only create sports games where they mimic and try to create the games as realistic as they can. This game has all the football teams in the world clubs and international which are all licensed by FIFA.It has all different game modes which have all different meanings. The first mode is just play now exhibition which you play the computer at 4 different difficult modes where you pick your team and the computers team. The next mode is manager mode where you take charge of a club of your choice you play as that team and you control every part of that team as you take a career with them. They have now also bought co-op seasons where you can play manager mode but online with a friend. They are also many online modes such as FIFA world cup interactive is where there are 5 leagues and you play people online to try to get to league 1 and win it plus every team is rated 85 just for it to be based on how you play. The next online mode is online season where there are 10 leagues and you have to try to get to league 1 but you can only play people from your league number and what rating the team you have picked. On online seasons they also open cups every week so you an win cups and get achievements. The last game mode is ultimate team where you actually create your own team and players are rated bronze silver and gold and you try to get the best team. You can get players in packs and you can get bronze silver and gold packs and limited edition packs. You can play cups online and offline and seasons online and offline with also playing your mates online.

3 This game is created by EA sports which is electronic arts that created sports games to make them as realistic as they can to try to create real gameplay. It was founded in 1991 and since then it creates Fifa,Fifa manager,Fifa street, Grand slam tennis, Madden NFL,SSX,Tiger Woods PGA tour. Over the years they have made such good games and made them all realistic that they have got given all the licenses for all the sports teams and sports players that they can license every team on all the games to the best of they’re ability to make all the players and teams look the same as in real life. This is a picture of the real life Messi and ea sports version of him.

4 Fifa 14 is the latest of the Fifa’s so it is available on every single but the first fifa international soccer game was available on : PC, DOS, Amiga, Sega CD, 3DO, SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Master System, Sega Game Gear, Game Boy which was available 1993. Then fifa 1995 was released for: Mega Drive/Genesis then fifa 1996 1997 and 98 were all released for: DOS/Windows, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Sega 32X, SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega Game Gear, Game Boy. Then fifa 1999 and 2000 were available Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo 64. Fifa 01 and 02 were released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo 64. 2003 to 2006 were all released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation, PlayStation Portable (America only), Game Boy Advance, Nokia N-Gage, Gizmondo, Mobile phone. Then 2007 to 09 added the Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 and the Wii. Then up to 2014 it is available on : Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4,[22] Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Portable, iOS, Android.[23][24]

5 Fifas age rating is Pegi 3. Pan European Game Information (PEGI) is a European video game rating company since 2003. Age rating 3 Suitable for all ages can contain a small amount of violence no blood in an appropriate context for younger children but no swearing is allowed. This age rating is definitely appropriate for the game because there is no violence and all and there is also no bad language. All Ea sports games are rated Pegi 3+ due to them all being sports games and realistically there should not be any fighting in any sports or any bad language so on the game it is based on the real rules so it does not have any violence or language issues. The rating is very good because a lot of kids around this age will be getting into sport also

6 The genre for Fifa is sports game and also simulation. The genre for this game is defiantly right because the whole game is about football and football drills and matches. All the other modes in the game are also football simulated with drills and practise modes. The other football games like Fifa world cup and pro evolution soccer are also football simulation and sports games as they are the same and all football based games with similar modes on that would make the genre sports in general. All the EA sports games are sports simulated games because they are all very high graphical realist sport games. Fifa is the most dominate because of how realistic it is and how all the licenses match up to the real life football.

7 Obviously the game is for all ages, genders and pretty much anyone. This game will be based for sports fans mostly and anyone with a passion for sports games. The game is a football game so the most general search for people who would play it are football fans. This is mainly because you can relate by playing the position you may play or be a manager on the game because you’re a manager in real life. The game is also popular to people who just like football but do not play it because you can play your friends online trying to prove that your team are better than his and that your better than him at football and so on.

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