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Cell Phones from Beginning to End – Impact on the Way the World Communicates By: Emily Ehrlich.

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2 Cell Phones from Beginning to End – Impact on the Way the World Communicates By: Emily Ehrlich

3 Introduction 1G, 2G, and 3G phones Martin Cooper Past, present, and future phones compared Safety issues concerning phones The views on texting Analysis of historical significance Used Phone Drop-Off Mound

4 The First Generation – 1G Radios used since 1921 Concept of phone was developed in 1947 The first actual model was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper Weighed 2 pounds It was available for purchase in 1984 from Motorola - sold for $3,995

5  Pioneered Motorola’s research for cellular phones  Raised in Chicago – attended Illinois Institute of Technology  Got a degree in electrical engineering  Worked for the Navy, then a telecommunications company, and got a job at Motorola in 1954  Was the first to make a phone call on a cell phone!

6 Travel In Time To 2G Phones classified as 2G emerged on the market in the early 1990’s Higher frequencies, less weight Include many features we take for granted presently-like address books, call logs, and voicemail Texting introduced but not relatively popular at the time

7 Present Phones – 3G Digital instead of analog – affects data transfer Arrived first in South Korea and then United States In every country by 2002 Text became popular Customization of cell phones Service in remote areas

8 Comparing Ranges of Available Cell Phones Prepaid phones for $15 Diamond encrusted phones for $1.3 million What people really need versus want Status symbols-competition of who has the nicer phone Firefly phone designed for Toddlers w/ button to call mom and dad

9 Cell Phone Safety Some evidence that brain cancer, brain tumors, and eye tumors can occur due to cell phone use Epileptic seizures and sleep disorders can emerge too Cell phones interfere with pacemakers and hearing aids Cell phones emit radiation

10 Phones and Driving Helpful GPS capabilities Illegal in some states to text and call but not in all states Difficult for travelers – laws not consistent Stories of bus drivers texting putting students at risk- in the Lehigh Valley

11 Texting ADDICTING! New York teen fell down manhole while texting and not paying attention Texting competitions - $50,000 prizes Communication preference of many teens Views on texting: Parents vs. Teens Parents often think it is a waste of time and takes away time that they could be spending as a family Kids think it is a fast and easy way to communicate

12 Predictions include:  Wireless cities  No limits to anything (texting, calling)  Video phones more frequent  Watching a person talk to you as well as listening  Locking and opening doors, starting dishwasher, and other chores performed by a touch of a button via phone

13 Impact and change on:  History – invention  Other products-selling rates  Safety – texting and calling while driving  COMMUNICATION! – the way people talk  What started out as a portable phone has evolved into a device with countless features that is a necessity in many people’s lives today

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