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Organising a Successful Event What is an Event?

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2 Organising a Successful Event

3 What is an Event?

4 Annual Events at Queen’s Summer Graduation Winter Graduation Remembrance Day 25 Years’ Service Awards New Staff Receptions City and Guilds Awards Queen’s Carol Service Head Teachers’ Dinner Scholarships Reception 3 Roadshows per year Queen’s Open Days

5 Other Types of Events Official openings Special conferences VIP visits Lectures Dinners

6 Summer Graduation 12 Ceremonies1,200 guests per ceremony 7 Garden Parties3,000 guests per day 5 Lunches 2 Dinners

7 Any fool can organise an event? What makes a good event? The key to successful event management is attention to detail

8 What things do you need to consider when organising an event?

9 Before organising an event it is important to answer some fundamental questions Why are we having this event? What do we want to achieve? Who is the target audience?

10 Preparing a Critical Path Set the timetable In an ideal world allow 12 weeks from commencement to completion Allocate tasks to dates Prepare database Review progress on a week by week, then day by day basis

11 Database Management Plan database carefully Use a dedicated database for every event Data Protection

12 What will you use your database for? Invitation List RSVP’s Place Cards Table Plans Recording guests’ special needs Briefing Relevant people

13 Invitations Printed invitations A letter of invitation

14 Printed Invitations Should carry branding Should be personalised Date, time and place should be clearly indicated Should carry advice on how to reply

15 Letters of Invitation Should be personalised and carry a signature from the inviting party Should be as concise as possible The time, date and location should be in the opening paragraph Advice on how to reply should be clear and obvious

16 Health and Safety Considerations

17 What is Risk? Any event that impacts on the achievement of your objectives What is Risk Management? Managing threats and opportunities so that you are in a stronger position to deliver your objectives

18 Risk Management Cycle Identify risks Evaluate risks Review risks Assess risks Implement actions Plan appropriate mitigation actions Allocate responsibility

19 LIKELIHOOD Consider financial, service delivery, reputation High / medium / low Subjective Focus on high likelihood, high impact Monitor other risks Risk Evaluation IMPACT

20 Creating a Corporate Feel Badging Place cards Table plans Menus

21 Positive Public Relations What do we mean by public relations value?

22 Publicising your event Prepare a press release Book a photographer Brief the relevant media Seek professional assistance

23 Customer Care Is the customer always right? Think of all your guests as customers Put yourself in the customer’s shoes Put the customer first

24 Things to Remember Planning is the most important thing Be realistic about what you can achieve Expect the unexpected Enjoy the event yourself Keep your sense of humour!

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