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BMAN10780: Business and Management Skills Peter Naudé Anna Goatman A 1.

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1 BMAN10780: Business and Management Skills Peter Naudé Anna Goatman A 1

2 The team Plus your academic advisor Peter NaudéAnna Goatman A 2 Linda Whittle

3 A 3 A bit about Anna

4 A bit about Peter P 4 * Graduated UCT (marketing) * A few years of consulting * Came to MBS a few years before you were born!

5 What is Business and Management Skills? A 10 credit 2-semester course A compulsory course A structured means of academic advisors and you getting to know each other A channel for feedback –in both directions! A foundation to studying management at university P 5

6 What the course is about Providing you with the knowledge and skills to monitor, review, plan and take responsibility for your own learning and professional development. Giving you a broad overview of business, management and professionalism, which pulls together all your studies into a broader perspective Keeping you abreast of current developments of business and management, particularly those arising in the news. P 6

7 Reading General texts Management or Study Skills? Background and Current Issues Business Radio and TV programmes –Including Dragon’s Den and the Apprentice P 7

8 What is an Academic Advisor? A member of academic staff –A point of contact regarding academic issues –Somebody you will see every fortnight –Somebody to support you in developing a personal development plan (PDP) –Somebody to give you feedback –Somebody who will remain with you for the duration of your degree –Somebody who you could ask to write a reference A 8

9 Structure of Course Lectures Timetabled seminars with your academic advisors Small group and individual work Blackboard A 9

10 Course Timetable – Semester 1 A 10 WeekLecturesSeminar s Welcome Week Introduction to Course Pete Naude and Anna Goatman 1 Introduction to Management Writing Skills, Referencing and Plagiarism Anna Goatman Seminar 1 Introductions PDP Formative Essay 2 Research and Library Skills Jane Marshall 3 Group Dynamics and Management Pete Naude Seminar 2 Report writing and essay skills Introduction of small group projects 4 Careers Service Lecture Graham Keating 5 Presenting with Confidence Elaine Clarke Seminar 3 (for groups that started in week 1) Presentation skills Formative essays to be submitted by the end of week 5 (28 th October) 6Reading week – No timetabled activity 7 Director’s Lecture Mike Luger Seminar 3 (for groups that started in week 2) Presentation skills 8 Shona McKenzie Graduate Recruitment Officer The Co-operative Group Seminar 4 Students presentations (assessed) 9No Lecture 10No Lecture Seminar 5 Exam/ Revision Skills 11No Lecture 12No timetabled activity

11 Course Timetable – Semester 2 A 11 WeekLecturesSeminars 1Introduction to the semester 2No Lecture Seminar 6 Reflections on Semester 1 PDPs 3 Management Functions 1: Operations Management 4No Lecture Seminar 7 Discussion of how to critique academic papers. Advisor’s academic interests 5 Management Functions 2: Marketing 6No Lecture Seminar 8 No seminar – One-to-one individual meetings 7 Management Functions 3: Human Resources Management 8No Lecture Seminar 9 Student Presentations (assessed) 9 Management Functions 4: Information Systems Management 10No Lecture Seminar 10 2 nd year options 11No Lecture PDPs to be submitted by Friday 4 th May 12No Lecture

12 Activities Semester 1 –A formative essay –Group presentation on a current business issue 5 students per group A 12 Semester 2 –Group critique of current management paper 5 students per group –Development of individual personal development plan –Individual choices for 2 nd year

13 The importance of personal objectives In shaping your education … When you are looking for a job, employers like applicants with clear personal objectives Personal Development Plans (PDP) –PDP Guide will be on Blackboard but split into 2 parts - Introduction and Assessment P 13

14 Assessment (45%) semester 1 presentation (45%) semester 2 presentation (10%) personal development plan (PDP) P 14

15 You must pass Business and Management Skills to complete your first year. If you don’t take part in the group projects you can’t pass the course. A presentation is like an exam, if you fail to attend a presentation you will get a mark of zero. –If you miss a presentation due to illness or serious personal circumstances you must complete a mitigating circumstances form P 15

16 Blackboard A 16

17 A 17

18 Expectations of University Teaching styles vary –There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach Some classes are very large The emphasis is on you to take responsibility for your own learning P 18

19 Expectations of assessment Your work will be marked by experts. Marking follows a rigorous process overseen by an internal moderator an external examiner. You can ask for somebody to check that the marks have been added up correctly on your paper. You cannot question academic judgment or ask for a re-mark. P 19

20 Feedback Good feedback is not (necessarily) feedback that tells you that you’re good A 20

21 Feedback can come from… Your Academic Advisor Your lecturer(s) Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) Each other Online tests and assessments A 21

22 Feedback can be: Written Verbal Formal Informal A 22

23 A 23

24 Expectations We promise to provide you with: –Expert teaching –An Academic Advisor –A broad foundation to studying management –The best administrative support we can You are expected to: –Attend lectures and seminars –Be punctual –Be quiet in lectures unless you are asked a question –Participate in the seminars and coursework –Read emails and Blackboard A 24

25 Next Week (30 th September) Introduction to Management Writing Skills, Referencing and Plagiarism 11am – 12pm University Place Theatre B A 25

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