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Melodie Cameron, MA Adapted and Presented by Dr. Elena Klaw.

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1 Melodie Cameron, MA Adapted and Presented by Dr. Elena Klaw

2  Strengths Based Approach helps veterans to identify and understand their strengths  Can help a veteran when choosing a major, looking for a job, or starting a career  Identify strengths utilized in the military and how to use similar strengths in civilian culture

3  What happens when veterans draw on their talents?  Help transition back into civilian culture  Can improve school performance, work performance, and even relationships

4  Uses military language/jargon to explain duties  Contains all military work history  Describes team work  Can be multiple pages long

5  Purpose of resume is to get an interview  Develop accomplishment statements related to your military experience that are listed in layperson's terms  List relevant information for the specific position  Targeted resume should be 1 -2 pgs. long

6  Contact Information  Objective  Education  Academic Coursework  Classroom projects  Work Experience  Skills Trainings/Awards/Recognitions

7  Have a professional email address  Have a professional voice mail

8  Title of Position, Dates  Did you work individually or in a group and what was the purpose of the project  More detail about the project or your individual role  What was the result of the project?

9  Work Experience:  Name of the Company, City, State Title of Position, Dates  3-5 statements that highlight what you accomplished in this position. Focus on what YOU did and not on the duties and tasks performed  Training/Awards/ Recognitions:  Highlight your awards and recognitions  Translate what military specific awards mean/significance in civilian terms

10  Ability to:  Work in a team structure – 4.6  Verbally communicate with persons inside and outside the organization – 4.59  Make decisions and solve problems – 4.49 obtain and process information – 4.46 plan, organize, and prioritize work- 4.45 * Source: Job Outlook 2012, National Association of Colleges and Employers *5-point scale, where 1=Not important; 2=Not very important; 3=Somewhat important; 4=Very important; and 5=Extremely important

11  Ability to analyze quantitative data- 4.23  Technical knowledge related to the job- 4.23  Proficiency with computer software programs- 4.04  Ability create and/or edit written reports – 3.65  Ability to sell or influence others – 3.51  Source: Job Outlook 2012, National Association of Colleges and Employers

12  Focus on what you individually accomplished  Quantify the information you are presenting

13  What Strengths Do Veterans Bring to the Workforce?

14  Leadership  Work with teams  Work with diverse individuals and cultures  Solve problems rapidly  Follow through  Responsible  Mission driven  Work within complex organizations

15  Member of the Engineering Training Team which specialized in creative training for personnel on how to control engineering casualties to prevent equipment damage or injury to personnel.

16  Simulated system casualty scenarios to teams of junior staff to observe how staff followed procedural policies under high pressure situations preventing equipment damage or injury to personnel.  Strengths showed: Solve Problems Process Information Communication

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